Android and iOS: 90% of users “picked sides” and no longer switch

A number of very proud studies of the Apple brand have placed Apple at the top of customer satisfaction for several years. Its users will have an almost legendary attachment to the iPhone and seem reluctant to switch to another brand. A CRIP study conducted in the United States confirmed how well Android and iOS really do manage to retain their users. Surprise: According to CIRP over the past 3 years, the most loyal to their operating system (bit by bit) are Android users.

Android vs iOS: This study breaks down preconceived notions

Thus, 89% of iOS users will not switch to Android, while 92% do not intend to switch to iOS. The study authors explain: “Loyalty has grown and leveled for both iOS and Android over the past two years. never been equal. Over the past three years, nearly 90% of smartphone users in the United States have used the same operating system when purchasing a new smartphone. As a result, there is no bleeding from one (echo)system to the next. Both are less prone to predation than might be expected. Android and iOS users are sticking to their guns and seem to be focusing.

The CIRP authors emphasize that they base their analysis on sales figures, not purchase intentions, as they have so far done in most studies that have placed Apple on a pedestal: “Over time, we’ve seen analytics that predict that the transition from one operating system to another, particularly Android to iOS, will now increase. It is quite possible, but will represent a significant change in long-term trend. These analyzes are based on consumer intentions, which we know to be highly subjective and often more enthusiastic than realistic. CIRP’s loyalty analysis is based on what consumers actually did in the most recent quarter”.

If the results of this study are correct, that puts switchers’ share of Apple’s sales figures in perspective, even though the brand boasts first-time buyers and switchers as key sales drivers – without giving exact figures. Therefore, it may actually represent only a small percentage of iPhone buyers. Be careful though. While the methodology may seem rather serious, especially in the fact that it is based on purchase figures and not intentions, CIRP announces that it conducted its study on a sample of only 500 people living in the United States. United – while normally a sample of at least 1000 people is required to calculate truly reliable estimates, the Law of Large Numbers mandates…

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And, of course, a more comprehensive, varied and weighty example from which trends in the world can be deduced (it is not the purpose of CIRP to be stressed here). This work is worth at least inviting you to dig deeper… What inspires you? Do you think these results are true and that Android users’ loyalty is really underestimated compared to iOS users? Share your views in the comments.

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