Top 5 Features That Drive Online Dating

For American singles, online dating has surpassed traditional methods like going out to clubs or meeting people through common friends. It is no wonder online dating has become the most popular way to find a romantic companion. As the number of people using dating sites to meet potential partners has increased dramatically in recent years, it only makes sense to take advantage of that popularity. It is time you think about starting your own dating business!

Know that the popularity of online dating sites shows no signs of slowing down, and numerous people sign up for them every day. And you can definitely make some profit by cashing in on the latest trend. And the good thing is that starting a dating site does not have to be very difficult if you know the basics and understand what modern features can improve your chances of success.

Statistics show that there are thousands of dating sites, so the market is quite competitive. Therefore, you have to be vigilant in identifying the latest trends and providing your members with the best dating experience. Here are the top five features to have in your dating platform.

Consider Going Local

Targeting local singles is a great way to make your dating business work. Many dating sites use this feature to increase sales and expand their database at the same time. Take the Tenderbang dating site, one of the leading platforms on the market, as a template: it offers local matches and allows members to find those living next door with the help of geolocation features.

You can use the same and provide your users a way to identify local singles looking for love. People usually find it more exciting to connect with those who are in close proximity. After all, it makes it easier to arrange a date and turn it into some special because both of you already know the area.

Offer Match Recommendations

While most dating sites use the same model of giving users a chance to use filters and find potential matches, you need to do something more. Of course, it is essential to provide users a way to share their preferences through their profile page and utilize various filters to shortlist the best matches. But, to succeed, you need to have an edge over your competition, and it becomes possible when you rely on smart matchmaking algorithms.

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With these algorithms, it is possible to consider the information your users have shared in their profiles and take into account how they interact with the site. This way, you can identify the best matches for them and recommend those regularly. It significantly enhances the user experience and ensures that your users have a starting point if they are new to the online dating world.

Facilitate Video Calling

Top dating sites are now taking things far and relying on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to make dating a lot more exciting. But, when starting as an online business, ensure that you offer video calling features at the very least.

While text messaging is great for getting your users started, they need something more. If they have already got the spark going, a video chat is a great approach to add some depth and build trust. Due to the “live” nature of the chat, they can learn more about their potential partners, such as their thought processes, sense of humor, personality traits, and interaction style.

Video chatting may also be a great idea for those looking for casual interaction online. Video chatting is a great way to stay occupied for those mainly interested in flirting. And when you offer a great experience in this regard, they are likely to come back and help improve the reach of your dating business.

Focus on Security Features

Forget about anyone using your site again if they find any security loopholes. No matter how impressive the site looks or how affordable your packages are, people would look the other way if they feel the site is not secure. It is especially true when you have a casual dating site in a place where most people would want to surf anonymously, at least in the beginning.

Here, you should not just limit yourself to using SSL encryption but go a step ahead in providing users with a safer environment to interact with each other. Moreover, put them in control of the search process and let them decide who should contact them. It means you should provide them with “like” and “block” features, so they have more peace of mind when using your platform.

Go Mobile

While online dating sites are great, you should also consider going mobile. A responsive site will usually do, but most people find it more convenient when they can use a mobile app. Therefore, consider having a mobile app for your dating site to help people interact on the go.

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Dating sites are only going to get stronger in the coming years, especially because they are always ready to embrace new technologies to provide users with an unparalleled dating experience. Be sure to do the basics right, and eventually, you will be able to make your dating business grow in the right way.