Offer Travelers The Best Ways to Get Around the City with the Kiwitaxi Affiliate Program

Kiwitaxi is much more than a way for passengers to commute from the airport to the city. It’s also the opportunity to comfortably visit various places with a personal driver, and sightseeing car tours are the perfect way to explore a new city. As a partner of the Kiwitaxi affiliate program, you can earn 50% of Kiwitaxi’s revenue share for transfers, and 90% of Kiwitaxi revenue share for car tours until April 8pearl2023.

What is Kiwitaxi?

Kiwitaxi is an international platform that allows users to search and book transfers. It has been operating since 2010 and currently operates in 102 countries. Kiwitaxi’s services are available in ten languages.

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The core of Kiwitaxi’s business includes 463 airports. With so many airports to choose from, tourists and business travelers from all over the world can book transfers from airports to hotels or anywhere else in advance.

In 2023, Kiwitaxi launched a new product: sightseeing car tours. It’s a great opportunity for travelers to explore cities around the world.

Advantages of Car Tours for Travelers

  • With car tours, travelers can make the most of an extended stay. After the trip, the driver will take the passengers back to the airport so they can catch their flight.
  • Car tours are a great way to discover new places. An itinerary compiled by travel professionals covering a city’s main attractions is included and can be adjusted on the spot to suit your preferences. The licensed guides are all locals and true experts of the city.
  • The tour takes place in сcomfort class cars. For a safe journey, passengers can order a child seat, booster or infant seat for an additional fee.

Kiwitaxi Affiliate Program

Partners can earn from transfers and sightseeing car tours. The partner award is 50% of Kiwitaxi’s service revenue. On average, this yields about $8 per order. Statistics show that 36% of orders are made in both directions (round trip), which makes you earn double.

until April 8pearlBy 2023, Kiwitaxi will offer 90% of service revenues for all car tours.


Rev.Share for transfers and tours

8-44 dollars

Average partner reward per sale

30 days

Cookie lifetime

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Kiwitaxi Partner Program

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Kiwitaxi Affiliate Program Tools

The Kiwitaxi affiliate program offers a complete set of partner tools:

  • White label. With the help of this tool, you can add a search form to your web page and show search results without diverting the visitor from your project. This tool is designed for partners who want to develop their own brand.
  • Widgets. The widget set allows you to integrate an interactive search form. Your visitors will be able to determine directions and select dates before being redirected to Kiwitaxi’s page.
  • Banners. You’ll find a number of banners on the Kiwitaxi program page on Moyens I/O. We’ve already made different banners in the most common sizes, but you can create your own. To do this, use our link generator with any external graphic design tool like Photoshop.
  • Links. Links are a simple but effective tool. You can use a link generator to create an affiliate link that leads to any Kiwitaxi page. If you have traffic on the route, for example to the Los Angeles airport, try to direct your visitors to the corresponding Kiwitaxi page. So far, the only tool that can be used to promote car tours has been links.

How to Earn with Kiwitaxi Affiliate Program?

To start making money from transfers and car tours, all you have to do is join the Kiwitaxi affiliate program through the Moyens I/O affiliate platform. You will get access to all tools and statistics in your personal account. Next, you will need to share your affiliate materials to generate sales. You can use any of the following traffic sources for this:

  • Your travel blog or website
  • Facebook and other social networks
  • WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers
  • Youtube channel
  • Other legitimate sources that do not violate the Kiwitaxi affiliate program rules

There’s only one thing you need: travel-related traffic or an audience that requires transfers from anywhere in the world. If you’re the owner of a content project, we have a helpful guide on how to write articles and drive conversions.

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