Earn with Airalo eSIMs

The demand for digital SIM cards has increased significantly worldwide and the 2023 figures have already tripled. This phenomenon is due to the fact that travel is no longer a restricted activity. So why not take advantage of the hype? Join Airalo partner program to earn 16% commission on every eSIM sale until April 30.

What is eSIM

eSIM is a digital SIM card. It is a special microchip embedded in mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Simply put, an eSIM functions the same as a physical SIM card, but works 100% digitally. Devices that support this type of technology have the necessary chip already connected to their motherboard, so there is no need to use a physical SIM card. Therefore, you cannot lose, break or corrupt an eSIM.

If your device is carrier unlocked and eSIM compatible, you can download an eSIM data plan, install it on your device, and instantly connect to a mobile network. Once the eSIM is set up, its profile will appear on your phone and you can start using it like a regular SIM card. If you lose your phone, you can block the eSIM remotely and reinstall the profile on a new device.

With an eSIM, you can purchase a mobile plan without having to contact your carrier, find an eSIM vendor, or replace your physical SIM card. This makes it easy for travelers to change plans on the go and stay connected abroad, which is why eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular in the travel industry.

What is Airalo?

Airalo is the world’s first eSIM marketplace with eSIM packages for over 200 countries and regions worldwide. The brand has already surpassed 1 million users who use eSIM to stay connected while traveling.

As mentioned above, eSIMs allow travelers to stay online during their travels and for a reasonable price. Tourists no longer need to call local SIM card vendors and pay for a new card (or pay exorbitant roaming charges) in each new country.

On the Airalo site, users can choose between local, regional and global eSIM plans. Getting online is quick and easy — they can purchase an eSIM plan, install it on their device, and connect to a supported network in minutes.

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What Airalo Gives to Travelers

  • Instant connection. Tourists no longer need to search for local SIM card vendors upon arrival at their destination. They can install and activate an eSIM from anywhere in minutes.
  • Savings in circulation. Roaming is expensive and eSIMs are designed to allow travelers to stay online without it. Users can choose an eSIM plan based on price, amount of data, or length of service.
  • International coverage. Airalo offers eSIMs from over 200 countries and regions. This includes regional eSIMs that cover all continents rather than just a specific country.
  • 24 hours support. The Airalo team works 24/7/365 and assists users via chat, email or social media.

Airalo Partner Program

The Airalo partner program is perfect for many branches of the travel industry, including:

  • Travel Agencies
  • refund services
  • Promo code and coupon services
  • content creators
    • blogs
    • Applications
    • Newsletters
    • Social media
    • Video platforms
    • messengers

Until April 30, Airalo is offering its partners a special reward: 16% commission for every eSIM sale. The original reward is 12%. The brand will count sales made through the app and site (desktop and mobile versions). And participants will have access to public links.

Every sale made through your partner link will be shown in your Moyens I/O account with the status “PAID” on the 8th day of the following month. For example, if a user purchases an eSIM on April 1, that sale will appear in your account on May 8.

You can find all the conditions of the program here.

What Does Airalo Provide to Partners?

  • 16% reward. To put it in numbers: If you sell 10 eSIMs for $12 each, you’ll make $19.20.
  • Universal product easy to sell. eSIMs are great for all travelers (most are travelers) who want to stay online but don’t want to pay for roaming. So you can easily promote eSIMs alongside other travel services such as hotel reservations and car rentals.
  • Coverage for over 200 countries and regions. Travelers can choose between local, regional and global eSIM packages.

Airalo Receiver

eSIM users are often tech savvy and travel a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer eSIMs to everyone. Anyone planning to travel abroad could potentially need an eSIM. According to Airalo, the sales cycle is directly related to the seasonality of travel.

Tips for Earning with Airalo

  • Most of the traffic Airalo receives comes from organic promotion, so be sure to talk throughout your content about your personal experience of using eSIMs or their advantages.
  • Tell your audience about eSIM opportunities. According to Airalo, this is the best motivation to buy the product.
  • Focus on the fact that eSIM is a universal product that can be used by anyone who wants to save money on travel.
  • Offer Airalo eSIMs alongside other travel services. For example, in a post about cheap airfare to a particular country, offer your readers eSIMs from the same country.
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Join the Airalo partner program today to receive an increased reward. 16% from each sale until April 30. The original 12% bounty will go into effect in May.