X (Twitter): 200 million accounts affected by massive data leak


A. popular social service or networkor in any case, the region with a large number of registered people is a real gold mine for Turkey. hacker greedy for personal data. We get the impression that leaks from technology giants have been coming one after another since the beginning of 2024. Facebook, TikTok and Google users are under threat. What about the 26 billion private information hacked in January? This time it is X (Twitter) Who was affected?

According to the information received ZATAZa hacker managed to access a computer SQL database It contains user data from Elon Musk’s social network. It includes: 200 million accounts It represents approximately 500 GB. The issue date is March 14, 2024. In order to prove their statements, Hacker published information of 5,661,547 million registered people On the Dark Web. Damien Bancal, the man behind ZATAZ, was able to confirm thisthey are original.

A hacker compromised the data of 200 million X accounts (Twitter)

The expert found information in the list, whether from official accounts or from his own X accounts (Twitter), which he used to communicate anonymously with hackers. Looking at the announced data, the database seems quite new.

Here we find, among others, the link identifier, the nickname, the possible website associated with the account, the number of followers, the geographical location, the number of people followed by the account or whether the account is verified. Globally, This is non-sensitive information.. However, it is still recommended that you change your password.

He chats in Russian with pirate Damien Bancal, but that doesn’t mean it’s his nationality. He explains that thanks to the data he collects, he will be able to detect who is buying followers and will find a way to do this. Recover data from TikTok. If this is true, we should definitely expect a new list to be published in the coming weeks.

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