Will My Tinder Subscription Appear on My Bank Statement?

Some Things Are Only For Your Eyes. For example, what you eat for lunch, where you choose to shop, or what you do with your time and money is none of your business. For some, participation in dating sites also falls into this category. You may wonder how you can keep your Tinder activity private from prying eyes. Will a Tinder subscription show up as “Tinder” on their bank statement or as something a little more discreet? Do you have any tips for living a double life that you should keep your existence on Tinder a secret?

It turns out that keeping a Tinder subscription private is a very popular concern. There are many reasons why you might want to keep quiet about your Tinder involvement, and TechJunkie is non-judgmental, just providing answers to questions. This piece will answer all these questions.

Will My Tinder Subscription Appear on My Bank Statement?

What shows up on your bank statement depends on how you purchased your Tinder subscription. Apple cites an iTunes purchase with no details on what happened. The Google Play Store lists your purchase as “Google Play Apps” on your Google Pay statement with the date of purchase and the name of the app. It will show up on your credit card statement as “GOOGLE*TINDER” or something similar, depending on your bank.

You can shop directly on Tinder.com using your credit card. This will appear loudly and proudly on your credit card statements; however, if you have a hidden credit card, it is likely that no one but you will see these charges.

How Can I Keep My Tinder Activity Private?

This question and ‘Any tips for living a double life on Tinder?’ They’re very similar, so we’re going to combine them into one question about using Tinder privately or as privately as possible. Here are some viable ways to hide Tinder from everyone, no matter who they are.

Use Tinder without Facebook

While Tinder doesn’t post to your Facebook account, having at least some degree of separation between your two lives is key to maintaining both. Now that Tinder allows you to have a Facebook-free account, that’s definitely the way to go. You’ll need a printer phone or SIM for this to work, but if you have a hidden Tinder, what’s a hidden phone or phone number to boot?

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Select “Sign in with phone number” on the main Tinder page and you can create a new profile with your printer phone. This means you’ll have to manually create your profile and upload pictures, but this gives you time to really think about how you’re going to represent yourself on Tinder. If you secretly use Tinder, you don’t want to use anything that connects one life to another. Living a “double life” means keeping two lives separate in every way possible, including on social media.

Alternatively, creating an entirely new Facebook account with a new personality is a possibility for those with the time and inclination to go that far.

Creating a New You

You have to be careful when creating a new personality. You have to make this new person different enough to be safely separate, but similar enough for you to remember. It needs to be prominent enough so that someone who knows you and stumbles upon your profile on Tinder doesn’t immediately recognize you. It needs to be recognizable enough so that you don’t get caught in a lie or have to invent a whole new universe around this new personality.

There are a few things you can do to keep both sides of your story straight. For example, you may want to create a name that is similar to yourself but so different that it is not recognized by those who know you closely. If your name is “Ryker”, you can use something similar, but less distinctive, like “Ryan”. Never use your real last name; middle name is often a good choice for a nickname. Create a fake address (but a real one – Mailboxes or mail centers are ideal), a new email address whose password only you can guess, and maybe even social media accounts under your new identity. Again, keep it as similar as possible while being different.

Take a series of photos to reflect your background to use in your profile. If you want to be a completely different version of yourself, you will have to create the character from scratch. How such a person will look, what to wear, where to pose, etc. think. They should be very similar to your real personality, but still different enough. The key is to be close enough to the real you to not bother your Tinder dates, but different enough from the real you.

This can be a thin and stressful line, and it can have some serious social and psychological implications. Again, we’re not judging, but if you’re willing to invent an entirely new version of yourself, maybe you want to consider why not just live this version of yourself. The last thing we want to do is encourage everyone to fall into a Frank Abagnale rabbit hole of existence!

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Use a Prepaid Credit Card or Gift Card

As we mentioned briefly in the original question, one way Tinder won’t show up on a bank statement that someone else can see is to link a gift card, prepaid card, or special credit card to your iTunes or Google Play account. That way, it doesn’t matter what appears in the statement as no one will know. Just make sure no one has your iTunes or Google Play account sign-in information, and keep the gift card, prepaid card or private card strictly confidential. This is a great way to avoid having to explain line items on your regular credit card bills.

Don’t Use the App on Your Main Phone

Even if no one else has access to your main phone, do not install Tinder on it. All it takes is leaving the phone on at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the order is broken. Use your burning phone or the browser version of Tinder. If you’re using your browser, use Incognito Mode to make sure you don’t leave any traces. A phone burner is handy as you can also swipe it when you’re outside the house. How you manage it is up to you, unless you install the application on the phone that everyone knows.

Pay Attention to Your Location

Have you ever heard the term ‘sitting where you sleep’? This is one of those times. If you live in a small town, don’t set your Tinder location there. The law of averages requires someone you know in your small town to find you, get to know you, and start the gossip train about your Tinder involvement. For those living in big cities, the probability is slightly lower, but if someone stumbles upon your profile and is curious, pay attention to how easy it is to track. Not using your Tinder profile in your local area is very important, especially if you don’t live in a big city.

It might mean a little bit of driving between dates, but keeping your two lives apart should be worth the effort, right?

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Do you have any tips and tricks for hiding your Tinder account from people you don’t want to know? If so, please praise below.