Why Does Snapchat Say Someone Wrote But Didn’t Open The Message?

It’s bad enough as there is a lingering “person typing” notification. But what do you have to think about when you see someone typing for a few minutes and haven’t read your message yet? Is that person writing too? Did they even get the message? Snapchat notifications gone crazy?

These are some of the frequently asked questions by Snapchat users because the developers are not able to respond immediately or provide glitch fixes. Here are some things you should know about conflicting notifications that involve writing and reading messages.

How to Trigger Snapchat Notifications

Snapchat notifications are triggered too early. When it comes to typing, one just has to tap the text field in the chat box to trigger the typing notification. Even if that person has not yet typed a word or left a space in the text field, the notification will still go to the intended message recipient.

Since this happens so suddenly and due to poor optimization, according to some hardcore Snapchat users, there are many issues with missing notifications, over-notifications or persistent notifications that confuse users on a daily basis.


How Does App Freezing Affect Notification Triggers?

Writing notifications can linger for a number of reasons. Snapchat doesn’t have to freeze for someone to see you typing for hours and vice versa. But here’s something you probably haven’t thought of.

Say someone wants to reply to a message you sent. If that person presses the text field and the app freezes at the same time, you may only get one, two or no notifications. This is one of the reasons why it seems like someone is texting you even though you see they haven’t read your message yet.

How to Read Messages Without Notifying the Sender

Here’s a trick that not many people know about. When you receive a message, a notification will appear. Of course the message is loaded and saved in your Snapchat cache. This means you can read the message in offline mode as well. Since this is a workaround, it may trigger the app to send a write notification, but it will never show that the message is open.

Putting the phone in Airplane Mode after logging into your Snapchat account will allow you to read all received messages. But Airplane Mode also cuts off your ability to send or receive data. This means that when you open a message in Airplane Mode, the app won’t be able to trigger the notification alert and the sender won’t know that you opened the message.

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Airplane Mode for Apple Devices

  1. On devices with iOS 7 or later, swipe up to open the Control Center.
  2. On iPhone X, swipe down diagonally from the top right corner.
  3. Tap the airplane icon.

You can find Airplane Mode on all Apple smartphones and smartwatches alike.

Airplane Mode for Android Devices

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Look for the airplane icon in Quick Settings.
  3. Tap the Airplane icon to enter airplane mode.
    airplane mode android

You can also trigger the same confusing notification for someone else with this trick. After reading the messages, clear your Snapchat cache and reinstall the app. After logging in again, you can write a reply to the user of your choice.

A notification will be sent to them as soon as you select the text field. However, because you read the message in offline mode, cleared the cache and reinstalled the app, Snapchat will not let the other party know that you read the previous message.

While probably very few people do this on purpose, knowing this trick may make the other user wonder if he’s trying to prank them.

Turn Off Snapchat’s Write Notification

Many users complain that they only want to be notified when a Snap is sent. Turning off all notifications won’t really help you because you will no longer get alerts when someone actually presses the ‘Send’ button. As a built-in feature of the app it can be difficult to find workarounds.

Some users noted that turning off “Sound Notifications” will stop typing prompts on Android Oreo and later. Whether you have an older Android phone or not, if that’s not an option, there are third-party apps available that can help you control them. AutoNotification is a free app on the Google Play Store with great reviews and the ability to customize your Notification settings.

iPhone users can only minimize how they receive their notifications, but cannot choose which ones appear. If banners are bothering you or you need to stop hearing alerts, go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap Snapchat at the bottom of the page to access your Notification settings. From here you can customize them so they don’t have too much trouble typing out notifications.

How Many Times Has It Happened To You?

If you are a die-hard Snapchatter and diligently working on improving your Snapscore, chances are you will encounter this issue at least once or twice. Let us know what you understand by the situation and if you have used the Airplane Mode cheat before to deal with people or control them while ignoring them.

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