If you’re a business with diverse audiences, it’s time to offer your followers some LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

After all, people are complex. For example, I am obsessed with spreadsheets, but sometimes I cry at soap commercials too!

Businesses and brands on LinkedIn are no different: they have layers and complexities. A parent company may operate several different brands with very different audiences. Or a product may have fans who use it in different ways.

Yet trying to be everything to all people on social media can be overwhelming. For example, if you’re being followed by both skater kids, how can you make sure what you’re sharing is interesting and relevant? and Girls who say ‘see you l8r boi’?

A Showcase Page on LinkedIn can help.

With the LinkedIn Showcase page, you can: segment your audience to offer more curated content, and create authentic interaction. Read on to learn how to display and how to display.

What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are subpages on your company’s LinkedIn Page dedicated to individual brands, audiences, campaigns, or departments.

For example, publishing company Conde Nast has a LinkedIn Page. But they also created Showcase Pages for their international spin-offs. Now only people interested in information from Conde Nast India or Conde Nast UK can follow these specific LinkedIn Showcase pages.

When you create a Showcase Page on LinkedIn, it is listed to the right of your home Page, under ‘Linked Pages’.

Pages linked to LinkedIn Blackbaud

Although you can drill down and create as many Showcase Pages as you want, LinkedIn recommends that you create no more than 10. If the hyper segment more too much, you may find yourself spreading it too thin.

Showcase Page and Company Page

What is the difference between a LinkedIn Showcase Page and a LinkedIn Company Page? The Showcase Page on LinkedIn is an opportunity to be more specific with your content. If you’re a business with many different brands, Showcase Pages can help you deliver posts about those brands to only interested people.

Not every company will need a Showcase Page. If you have a consistent audience you post to, LinkedIn Showcase Pages may not be for you.

But they can be a super helpful tool for those who need to drill down into more specific content.

Let’s use Meta as an example. Updates to Meta’s Company Page can cover everything from corporate governance news to the introduction of the new Oculus title.

People interested in Facebook Gaming may not care about Messenger related posts and vice versa.

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By creating Showcase Pages for both of these products, Meta can make sure that followers only get relevant content.

showcase page Meta

The Showcase Page has the same type of posting options and the same analytics tools as your main LinkedIn Page.

Beware though: Showcase Pages don’t have the option to associate employees, so this means your regular employee engagement features may not be available here.

How to set up a LinkedIn Showcase Page

If the LinkedIn Showcase Page seems appropriate for your social media strategy, here’s how to create it.

one. Click “Administrator Tools” from the drop-down menu in your Admin View and Select Create Showcase Page.

admin tools create a showcase page

2. Fill in the details of the form: you need to enter the name of your product or sub-brand, provide a URL and industry, and add a logo. You can also share a short slogan.

Fill in the organization details in the form

3. Tap the create button when ready.

4. You will be redirected to the admin view of your new Showcase page. You can do Edit the page here like a regular LinkedIn account.

admin view of the page

To access your Showcase page in the future, click on your profile picture in the top bar and look under the “Manage” section of the dropdown for the page you want to edit. (Visitors to your page will find it under ‘Linked Pages’ on your main LinkedIn page.

To disable the showcase pageVisit your showcase page in Super Admin mode and Admin Tools menu in the top rightt. Select Disable from the drop-down menu.

Admin tools dropdown disable LinkedIn showcase page

5 of the best LinkedIn Showcase Page examples

Sure, creating a Showcase Page is one thing: good The Showcase Page is different. Let’s see how heavy hitters get it right.

Microsoft appeals to unique communities

It makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to have it with Showcase Pages. The company has so many different products and users that it’s nearly impossible to cater to everyone’s interests through the Company Page.

That’s why some smart pants on the social team have created several Showcase Pages specifically targeted at key user groups: here, you’ll find one for Veterans and one for Developers.

These two demographics will likely be interested in different content – ​​now they can simply follow the relevant hot gossip and find a community of like-minded users to boot.

Microsoft software development showcase page

Adobe balances niche updates with big picture news

Adobe is another large technology company with many different user groups. Illustrators, marketers, developers, tech companies, teenagers working on graphics to continue their Tumblr, the list goes on.

Adobe divides and conquers with product-focused Showcase Pages. The Creative Cloud Page only focuses on news about the graphic design tools suite.

However, all Showcase Pages reshare large image content from the main Company Page when appropriate.

For example, the Adobe Max conference is about all user groups, so besides the main feed, it gets a post on each Showcase Page.

It’s a great example of mixing custom content with general interest information.

Adobe Creative Cloud news and events

Wirecutter has its own voice, but still gets NYT credit

Wirecutter is a digital product review publication. is run by New York Timesbut it has a very different editorial voice and mission (I’m assuming something like “Help Stacey decide which fridge to buy because she’s overwhelmed by this refurbishment and can’t make one more decision for herself”).

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The Showcase Page gives this brand a separate presence on LinkedIn. They can post job listings and job news that would otherwise get lost on the NYT’s busy Company Page.

At the same time, Wirecutter still gets the prestige of being associated with its parent company.

Wirecutter New York Times Showcase page

Google names Showcase Pages clearly

Be clear and SEO friendly with your Showcase Page names. You want people to be able to find them, even if they don’t already follow your main Company Page.

Just a good strategy use your company name followed by a descriptive word. Google does this well: Almost all Showcase Pages start with the name “Google”.
linked pages Google

Shopify Plus uses a vibrant high-resolution hero image

Your showcase page is an opportunity to highlight your brand, so don’t skip the option to add a header image (and make sure your profile picture looks good too)!

Shopify’s Showcase Page for Shopify Plus customers uses cover art to add a dark and possibly VIP twist to the classic Shopify logo.

It makes the most sense to use some kind of branded image here, but if you need some graphic design help, we’ve got you covered – 15 tools to help you quickly create beautiful images for your LinkedIn and other social posts.

Shopify Plus high quality logo

Bend Studio does not compromise on content

Oregon-based video game company Bend Studio is owned by Sony PlayStation and has its own Showcase Page, packed with content from job postings to behind-the-scenes photos and eye-catching employee photos.

Bend Studio company posts

Lesson? Just because Showcase Pages are an extension of your main LinkedIn page doesn’t mean you don’t need a content strategy for them.

These pages are all about showcasing one aspect of your brand, so make sure you do exactly that. And be sure to post regularly.

Encourage conversation with posts that ask questions, provide tips, or simply deliver inspirational messages. Stay on top of your LinkedIn Analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly to see which posts are performing the best.

LinkedIn found that pages published weekly had a 2x increase in engagement.

contents. Keep the subtitle 150 words or less.

Is a LinkedIn Showcase Page for your business worth it?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, a Featured Page on LinkedIn is most likely a good idea for your company:

  • Do you have a variety of unique consumer groups using your products or services?
  • Do you have an active list of brands in your company, each with lots of news or different content strategies?
  • Is there a specific topic or campaign that you want to dive deeper into but avoid overloading your main stream?

It’s free and usually only takes a few minutes to create a Showcase Page, so it doesn’t have too many downsides. create a. Remember that maintenance and updating takes work. (I mean, if you’re not taking the time to post and interact with your community, why bother?)

Here it is: Everything you need to know about creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page. So go ahead and multiply!

(Pssst: Don’t forget to optimize, optimize, optimize when working in LinkedIn admin mode!)

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