Common Reels increase error messages
Reels shared on Facebook cannot be featured as ads

Reels using copyrighted music cannot be featured as advertising

Where is the support button in Instagram Reels?

You do not have permission to promote this post

Reels with gifs or other effects cannot be boosted as advertisements

Reels containing touchable items cannot be increased

The resolution of this video is too low

This video is too long

Reels using effects cannot be boosted as ads

Why can’t I upgrade my reels to Facebook?

Having trouble increasing your Instagram Reels? You’ve come to the right place.

Boosting Instagram Reels is supposed to be super easy, whether you’re doing it on the Instagram app or via a social media management dashboard.

But the truth is, there are many problems that may arise along the way. If you’ve ever felt disappointed with the reels boosting process: you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled this super list of troubleshooting tips for boosting Instagram Reels.

Bookmark this page now so you never again have to throw your phone across the room in frustration. Next, read the answers to the most common questions about increasing Instagram Reels.

Why can’t I upgrade my reels? 10 common error messages and problems

If you’re in a love-hate relationship with Instagram Reels’ new boost feature, we’ve got you feeling it. Some days it only takes a few taps to spread your great content to your audience. Other days, it feels like everything that could go wrong will go wrong.

Why can I upgrade this Reel but not do so? Is crossposting on Facebook ruining my life? why can’t even i to find boost button today?

The truth is, no social media relationship is perfect. But armed with the knowledge, we know you crazy kids can get through these tough patches. Call us Cupid: We want to help you fall in love with Instagram Reels again and keep increasing your happiness.

Read or watch the video below to learn about the most common Instagram Reels boost error messages and how to avoid them.

Unfortunately, if you have crossposted your Instagram Reel on Facebook, you will not be able to use the boost function.

You may have unknowingly cross-posted your Reel on Facebook.

Think back to that last step in the real creation and publishing process: there’s a page where you add a title and any tags, remember? You will also find the “Share to Facebook” option here. History If you have this toggle turned on, unfortunately you are currently out of luck for this particular post.

how to fix

You have only one option: you can download the video and repost it on Instagram, this time make sure you don’t crosspost on Facebook.

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When this Instagram Reel is only posted to Instagram, you should be able to boost it.

If you have included the copyrighted music in your Instagram Reel, unfortunately you will not be able to apply the acceleration function.

This is because using boost turns your organic, creative content into an ad. Advertisements are not allowed to use copyrighted music clips, even if you spent hours syncing your footage to your favorite Lizzo track.

boost Unavailable reels using copyrighted music cannot be boosted as ads

how to fix

If you run into this issue, you’ll have to start your video from scratch, this time using copyright-free music or original audio.

Where is the support button in Instagram Reels?

Boosting Instagram Reels is currently only an option for Instagram business accounts. If you don’t see the boost button on your Instagram Reels, you probably don’t have a business account.

Luckily, anyone can change their profile from personal to business.

  • Go to your profile and tap the settings menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  • Faucet Settings Later Bill
  • Then swipe down to tap Change account type

From there, follow the instructions to finish setting up your Instagram Business account. (For a full review, you can find our guide to changing your profile here.)

Set up an Instagram Business account

Once you define yourself as a business account, you should be able to act as you please. Go get them, tiger!

Pro tip: Another great thing about having an Instagram business profile? You can connect it to social media boards like Moyens I/O and schedule your Posts and Stories ahead of time, as well as your Instagram Reels.

Plus, you can increase your Instagram Reels from here too. That’s the whole package, mamaaaa!

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You do not have permission to promote this post

If you’re getting the message that you don’t have permission to boost an Instagram Reel, the problem may be over with Facebook.

As you’ve probably discovered when creating your business profile, every business Instagram account needs to be linked to a Facebook page. However, if you were somehow removed from the admin list on that Facebook page, you may be facing some issues with advertising on Instagram.

To make sure you have admin permission for your Linked Page, go to Facebook. You can even try disconnecting and relinking your Instagram account from that Page.

Add or remove Instagram account from Facebook account center

To unlink a Facebook page from your Instagram account, go to your profile settings and go to the Meta Accounts Center. Tap on Accounts and delete the problematic Facebook Page. Now you can start from scratch and try adding the Facebook page again.

Reels with gifs or other effects cannot be boosted as advertisements

If you have a gif on your reel, you cannot reinforce it. Gifs are copyrighted artistic content, so unfortunately you are not allowed to use them in commercial videos – i.e. advertised Reel.

reels with gifs or other effects cannot be boosted as ads

Rebuild and reshare your Reel without gif to avoid this error. You should now be able to increase your Instagram Reel.

Reels containing touchable items cannot be increased

You are not allowed to power-up Reels with interactive stickers… with one exception.

Forbidden stickers include: questions, @mentions or whatever has a floating emoji scale.

What is is allowed: voting tag.

We strain our brains to understand why this is against Instagram’s code of conduct, but we fall short. Sometimes Instagram is like an annoying parent, I guess? “Because I said that was reason enough!”

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Questionnaire sticker with "If you were a taxi driver, would you leave the meter on" yes or no

how to fix

If you’ve run into this problem, the solution is pretty obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: Remake your reel without that touchable sticker element. If you want to engage your audience with a question, try using the text or voiceover tool to ask the big question. You can also use the caption to spell out your interesting query.

The resolution of this video is too low

Instagram only wants to highlight content that looks great. (Yes, that’s right, looks are important.) If your video doesn’t meet Instagram Reels’ specifications and is low resolution or not in portrait format, your enhancement will likely be rejected. (We’ve also found in our experiments that videos with zoom cause a resolution issue.)

Unable to increase reel because the resolution is too low

how to fix

All Instagram Reels must be 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall, adhering to the 9:16 aspect ratio. Learn more about the technical details of Reels with our 2022 Instagram Reel Sizes Cheat Sheet: Features, Proportions and more.

This video is too long

While Instagram Reels can be up to 90 seconds long, you are only allowed to feature Instagram reels that are 60 seconds or less.

how to fix

If your backing is being rejected for length, it’s time to put on your editor’s hat and start cutting. Go back and edit your Reel up to 60 seconds and try increasing it again.

edit reel of greenhouse plant

Reels using effects cannot be boosted as ads

The beauty of Instagram’s library of filters and effects is that anyone can be creative with AR and add their own. That’s how we get such a powerful selection, from funky disco lighting to the goatee and sunglasses filter that makes us look like Guy Fieri.

It’s okay to use Instagram’s own filters on your upgraded Reels, but if you’re using a third-party designed effect, your attempt to boost will be blocked.

reels using effects cannot be boosted as ads

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this — you will have to retake your video without effects or choose a different, unfiltered Reel to boost it.

Why can’t I upgrade my reels to Facebook?

We understand that you want everyone on every platform to see your amazing content, but the truth is you can’t increase Reels on Facebook right now.

It seems quite likely that Facebook will eventually add this ad feature, but it is not possible to increase a Reel on Facebook at the moment.

what you to be However, a video is to boost a Facebook post. So if you have a great Reel to share with the world, download it to your phone and then upload it to your Facebook Page as a standard video post. From there, you can set your target audience, budget, campaign duration, etc. Tap increase to adjust.

Here’s a complete guide to boosting elaborate Facebook posts if you wish. Hot tip: You can schedule a Facebook post and boost it directly from the Moyens I/O dashboard. Who needs reels?! We’re done!

We hope this guide helped you fix your problems with increasing Instagram Reels. Keep in mind that boosting a Reel is only one of Instagram’s advertising options — learn more about Instagram Reels ads here.

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