WhatsApp: You can now send temporary messages from the PC version

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Functionality that allows you to send temporary messages, popularized by Snapchat and introduced to Instagram and most recently WhatsApp in 2021. It was removed from WhatsApp’s desktop apps last year.

Fortunately, Meta has now backed off, as WABetaInfo has spotted the feature again in the latest versions of WhatsApp for Windows, WhatsApp for macOS, WhatsApp beta for iPad, and WhatsApp Web.

Self-destructing messages return to WhatsApp Web

Users can enable single view mode for media files in desktop applications. The icon appears in the title bar of the image editing tool and allows users to configure media files to be displayed only once. Once the recipient views the file, it is gone forever. This helps ensure that sensitive information is never seen by third parties, shared with others, or at risk of falling into the hands of a hacker.

However, WhatsApp recently introduced the feature of saving temporary messages. As you can guess, first the person whose message you want to save must approve the transaction. remember that it is Others can take a screenshot of the View Once file if they are using outdated software. That’s why the company recommends sending content only to people you trust.

Therefore, the return of ephemeral media sharing to WhatsApp’s desktop apps is great news for users who find the absence of this feature frustrating. The rollout of the “View media once” feature has already begun and will be available to Windows and macOS users. WABetaInfo notes that the update is being released in waves, so only a select group has access for now.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on various feature additions, as seen in the latest beta versions of the Android app. One of the notable additions is the AI ​​chatbot feature that appeared in WhatsApp beta v2.23.24.26 for Android. This addition introduces a floating action bar to the Chats tab that provides more details about the upcoming feature.

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