WhatsApp: You can finally transfer your chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp has officially launched its new tool to transfer chats from Android to iOS. The procedure is quite simple and quick to perform. Here’s how.

If one day you decide to replace your Android smartphone with a new iPhone, you will quickly realize that it is quite boring. data transfer between two devices, when the thing is clearly possible. For these scenarios, Google and Apple have drawn several apps that should facilitate all these data transfers.

However, they mainly concern the data required for the configuration of your new smartphone. For example, if you decide one day move your whatsapp conversations from android to iphone, things were more complicated back then. WhatsApp, which has just added the feature of leaving a voice note as a status to its service, has recently been put into service. create your own Android to iOS data transfer tool. Courier has been working on this system for a long time and it finally works.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS is available

Therefore, it is now possible to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and iOS easily and quickly. All contacts with WhatsApp version or higher on Android 5 and WhatsApp version or higher on iOS 15.5, transfer their conversations with a fairly simple procedure. Here’s how to do it.

  • To start, connect both smartphones to the same wifi network, then download Apple’s “Move to iOS” app on the device running Android. Also make sure you have installed WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • Next, you will need to open the Move to iOS app and follow the instructions. A code will be displayed You will need to enter it on iPhone and Android device.
  • then you should Open WhatsApp on your iOS device and sign in using the phone number you used on your old device.
  • A download will start and then you will find all your conversations and messages.

This procedure allows you to recover not only your messages, but also your account information and profile photo. Just a minor issue to report, Some things cannot be moved. This applies to call histories and payment messages.

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