WhatsApp will soon let you add voice notes as status

This is a new feature currently being worked on. What’s up?. and according WaBetaInfo, this innovation positioned in the file should most likely reach the application. Thus, WhatsApp would continue with another innovation for its application. The online messaging app has added a new feature to its catalog that lets you react to messages with new emojis. And soon it will also be possible to delete very old messages on WhatsApp.

From now on, the app will work on a new feature focused on whatsapp status. and purpose allow users to post voice notes as status. This innovation will not eliminate the possibility of posting a written status and will only provide one more option for you to fill in your status in different ways.

Soon it will be possible to add a voice note to your WhatsApp status

When you use WhatsApp, a private tab lets you enter your status. Usually it is possible to fill it with only a small, relatively short text. And users mostly input their mood or current activity. WhatsApp’s idea is now to add a voice function to this status.. Like this, WaBetaInfo stung his nose Android beta version And a novelty regarding the support of sound states has actually been detected. As you can see below.


WaBetaInfo so an image is transmitted on which the new functionality can be seen. In the tab dedicated to the state, we can see that a button has been added, in the form of a small microphone located at the bottom right. Media specializing in future app news go even further and state that:It will be possible to play with the privacy settings of this sound status and share it with whomever we want.. However, no statement has been made about the release date of this new feature.

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Source : wabetainfo.com

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