WhatsApp: Soon you will be able to send yourself a message

Premium subscription, ability to sneak out of a group, increase the number of members to a thousand: it increases the speed of WhatsApp updates and that’s good. The service is testing a silly but extremely useful feature. Beta testers of WhatsApp version for Android and version for iOS, as the feature name suggests, send them a message. This is certainly possible already, but you have to go through some very tedious manipulations (especially you must have created a wa.me link) for the general public to run them.

This has happened to everyone. In fact, who hasn’t sent a link via SMS or even email because they can’t easily remember or save it? In fact, have you ever imagined if you use WhatsApp on multiple devices, which is usually the case? share files or notes yourself to find them easier? This will be possible very soon. Some users will already have access to this feature, which proves it should be deployed shortly.

WhatsApp will let you write to yourself and even share files yourself

To access either go to in the contact list or chat list. If you haven’t created a conversation with yourself yet, you’ll have to go through Contacts to create one, and if you’ve already started a discussion with yourself, it’ll be easy to recognize in the discussion list. It will be the only one with the “Send a message to yourself” header.

WhatsApp’s main competitor is iMessage, the app is installed locally on all iPhones. On October 18, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid iMessage with a feel-good shovel. According to him, WhatsApp is “much more private and secure” than Apple’s app. If Tycoon is not mistaken, it should be noted that, along with Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is by far the most targeted application by hackers.

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