WhatsApp now lets you react to messages with any emoji

First announced more than a year ago, the ability to react to messages with emojis on WhatsApp was finally rolled out to all users in May 2022. Currently, users can only react to messages with 6 different emojis : thumbs up, heart, folded hands, tears of joy, open mouth and crying face.

But Mark Zuckerberg announced the good news on Facebook. Meta will soon allow to use any emoji as a reaction on Whatsapp. This feature is coming to all versions, including WhatsApp web, and you will have to tap the + symbol to the right of the six “main” emojis that will be available in priority.

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WhatsApp improves message response feature

Now, whenever you want to react to a message, WhatsApp will give you access to the already accessible keyboard to add emojis to a message. Users will therefore be able to choose from all the emojis available on their smartphones.should ensure that they are more creative and relevant when they choose to respond.

However, it should be noted that WhatsApp automatically selects the last used skin color by the user in the main emojis section. This means that if you want to change the skin color of your Reactions emojis, you have to do it from the main section.

WhatsApp says this update is rolling out in some parts of the world and said it will be available to all users in the coming weeks and months. We don’t know exactly when it will go on sale in France.

As a reminder, to use this feature, simply tap the message you want to react to until the emoji bar appears. The bar will include a plus sign allowing users to go beyond the substandard emoji and they react with whatever they want.

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