WhatsApp: No more being bombarded with notifications thanks to this new feature

whatsapp message counter

WhatsApp has recently made many changes to its interface for iOS and Android users. Famous messaging app A more modern design with improvements to dark mode and more intuitive navigation. We could see that the icons and buttons were redesigned to simplify use and make messages easier to find. Finally, the transition between different conversations is now smoother.

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature beta version Open Android. So far users check manually And mark messages as readIt can be boring, especially for people who receive many messages every day. New functionality in development, reset automatically Counter of unread messages every time the app is opened.

Whatsapp will finally save you from being overwhelmed by too many messages

WhatsApp with this new feature Simplify management of unread messages. By enabling this option users will automatically be able to: reset message counter It is not read every time the application is opened. This feature aims to help them better manage their new messages. This will also reduce the clutter of unread notifications and start from scratch every time you open the app.

This update is especially beneficial For those who receive many messages including in group chats. It allows you to better organize notifications and prioritize recent conversations. Users will avoid being overwhelmed by too many unread messages by focusing on important new communications. This feature will therefore reduce the stress associated with managing the multiple notifications that often occupy this section, allowing you to focus on the most relevant ones.

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