WhatsApp: Messaging app will soon have its own video mode

While WhatsApp is testing a new assistant mode that allows multiple devices to be linked to the same account, the American giant wants to equip its app with a brand new private video mode, according to information revealed by WABetaInfo.

Until now, you had to click the camera icon in a conversation to take a video on WhatsApp. You can then take a photo with one click or hold down the shutter button to record a video. This may not be practical in all situations, so WhatsApp will eventually introduce a video mode similar to that found in your smartphone’s native Camera app.

Recording videos on WhatsApp will soon become even easier

With this new standalone video section, you no longer need to hold your finger down on the button to record a video. it will be enough for you Press the shutter button once to start the video, then press it again to stop.

So if you want to mount your camera on a tripod and get away from the phone while recording, you can’t do that. Another advantage of this mod is that it allows. switch between rear camera and front camera while recording video, which is simply not possible with the current mixed mode.

As with all new WhatsApp features, This is currently in testing.. So you shouldn’t expect to see him anytime soon. The company has released this latest version of WhatsApp to a select group of beta testers, but as it’s a pretty slight change to the interface, this innovation is expected to be available to everyone in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that WhatsApp will also get other new features like the Community tab. Video call to 32 peoplebetween speaking surveysas well as creating Groups of up to 1024 users. Soon you’ll even be able to send yourself a message.

whatsapp video mode

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