WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on Android – What To Do

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Despite many rivals and newer chat apps coming into the market, WhatsApp has retained its dominance thanks to its robust design, ease of use, and encrypted messaging. It’s not all roses though because they have some common glitches and issues. This tutorial will walk you through what to do if WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android.

Despite owning WhatsApp, Facebook allowed the company to maintain its autonomy and go its own way. That’s one reason why it’s more stable and a much better experience than WhatsApp’s main app. When bugs or issues are detected, WhatsApp developers respond quickly and release fixes, which is a good sign.

These fixes do not resolve every possible application-related issue. It’s likely that some of the crashes Android users experience have nothing to do with the app itself, but with the way they’ve set up their phone or some other app interfering with it.

Stop WhatsApp crashing on Android

There are several reasons that can be the cause of WhatsApp problems. Let’s try a few simple fixes first.

Restart WhatsApp

If WhatsApp crashes only once, it’s like a minor issue that you can easily fix by closing the app and reopening it. On an Android device, this means accessing multitasking on your device (this varies by manufacturer, but is usually accessed by swiping from the bottom left or right of your home screen) and swiping to close WhatsApp.

Next, visit your app drawer and reopen WhatsApp. If the app has no other issues, you’re good to go. If not, keep reading.

Assuming the app continues to fail, you should use your device’s settings to force close the app. This will not delete any of your information on WhatsApp, but will keep it from running in the background, similar to restarting your computer. To force close WhatsApp on your Android, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and Apps on your device.
  2. Select WhatsApp and Force Close if the option is available.
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After forcibly stop the app, wait a minute and reopen WhatsApp.

Restart your phone

Most of the time restarting your phone will fix your problem. Whether it’s a cellular connection, an app crash or something else, this is always a simple and effective way to fix errors.

A quick restart of your phone may be enough for WhatsApp to work properly again. It forces a reload of memory and application files and restarts. It’s worth a try as it only takes a few seconds.

Review the Changes You’ve Made on the Phone

Did you update Android? Have you installed new games or apps? Have you made any significant configuration changes? Did you do anything to your phone when WhatsApp started crashing? It’s not always the faulty app, it could be some other change in the phone. Or it could be a new app that is interfering with WhatsApp or crashing the files or hardware required for WhatsApp to work properly.

If you made a change, undo and retest. If you’ve made a few changes, undo them one by one to see what allowed WhatsApp to start working again. You can then work with that change or setup to see how it affects WhatsApp.

Check your connection

WhatsApp should be comfortable using WiFi or 4G, but this may be due to a weak signal. Usually, the app runs slowly and takes forever to send a message, but I’ve seen the app crash. Switch from WiFi to 4G or vice versa depending on what you were using when the app crashed. Retest with the other network connection and see how it works.

clear WhatsApp cache

If WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android, clearing the app cache is the next logical step. It clears the memory and deletes the temporary files used by the application. If for some reason a file is causing the crash, clearing the cache might stop it.

  1. Open Settings and Apps on your phone.
  2. Select WhatsApp and Storage.
  3. Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

You should see the amount of space used by the cache and the data returning to zero. Hopefully, you will also see WhatsApp working normally again.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp regularly releases updates for the app. New updates have been released to fix bugs, update security and run smoothly. If you missed one, that could be the cause of your problems. Most of us have our phones set to update automatically, but if you don’t, pushing an update may provide the stability you’re looking for.

  1. Connect your phone to WiFi.
  2. Open Google Play on your phone and select Check for Updates.
  3. Let the app download all updates.
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If there is a WhatsApp update, test the app again. If not, you only have one option left.

Update Your Phone

Another very important update that you should check is the Android version of your phone. If WhatsApp is running on a newer version and your phone is running on an older version, the two may not work well together. This is especially true for older Android versions.

To check and update your device, do this:

  1. Open your phone’s settings and tap ‘Software Updates’ (this may vary depending on your phone).
  2. Tap ‘Check for updates’.

If there is an update available, connect to wifi and perform the update.

Check Your Device Memory

While this may seem a bit odd, your device’s memory can affect the app’s functionality. If your memory is full, it’s time to explore external memory options like SD cards, free up some data or completely factory reset your phone.

To check your device’s memory, open your phone’s settings and tap on ‘Storage’. Analyze how much of your memory is actually used. If it’s almost full, perform a backup to save important information and start deleting apps, pictures, videos or anything you don’t need.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Your only option now is to delete WhatsApp from your phone, restart it, and then download a fresh copy of the app. This is the last resort, but aside from factory resetting your phone, that’s it. Factory reset is not necessary only if WhatsApp is crashing, so reinstalling the app is the last step.

What to Do When WhatsApp Won’t Open

Many users are complaining about a common error with WhatsApp. “Unfortunately, Whatsapp has stopped working. Report or Close” error can be quite frustrating as you cannot even open WhatsApp.

This error occurs for various reasons. It is mainly attributed to the cache of the app, storage issues on your device or incompatible software. Following the above steps should fix this issue. If not, you can report the bug to WhatsApp developers via Google Play Store or check DownDetector for interruptions or major issues with WhatsApp.

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