WhatsApp: communities tab, 2 GB files, 32 participant calls, discover all the news

WhatsApp has announced a number of new features that will soon be integrated into its app. The company wrote a blog post detailing all the new options coming to the messaging app, including the Communities feature. perhaps one of the biggest additions to the platform in years.

As the name suggests, users will be able to create “communities” in a new tab. These are thousands of join chats grouped in various discussion subgroups. This new functionality is particularly enable companies to communicate better on WhatsAppmakes it easy for administrators to send messages to different groups.

Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to gather separate groups under one roof with a structure that suits them. This way people can receive updates posted to the entire community and easily organize smaller discussion groups about things that interest them. “He explains WhatsApp in a blog post. In other words, you can, for example, create a WhatsApp community specific to your building and create subgroups that bring together the residents of each floor.

What else has been added to WhatsApp?

In addition to Communities, WhatsApp has announced the extension of the limit on the number of characters that can join a group conversation. From now on, Up to 32 people can communicate simultaneously during a voice call. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to video call with that many participants, so it’s far from wanting to attack other platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom.

Search 32 contacts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp also offers an option for group admins to delete messages, which will come in handy in some conversations. WhatsApp also announced that it will come Reactions to messages using emojiIt’s a feature we’ve been waiting for for weeks. That’s why the messaging app is finally in line with its main rivals.

whatsapp reactions

Finally, WhatsApp has increased the maximum limit of files you can share. Meta introduced this feature in beta a few days ago in some countries, but it will be available for everyone soon. As a reminder, the current limit is set to 100MB per file on Android and 128MB on iOS. From now on, users will be able to transfer files up to 2GB.

Source : Meta

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