It’s hard to take anything with the word “pour” in it too seriously. And as for the latest phenomenon of Instagram, photo breakdownEmbracing your stupid side is half the battle.

Among the filtered, edited photos that we expected from the platform in 2022, where his room wasn’t actually that clean, the photo dump emerged and it’s amazing. Celebrities, influencers, and ordinary people reject perfection and post blurry, sometimes outrageous, and seemingly completely random photos. For all intents and purposes, it is quantity rather than quality.

said there is is Here are some strategies for posting the perfect photo dump. Sometimes it takes too much care to pretend you don’t care. Here is everything you need to know.

Don’t be grumpy. Publish a dump.

What is a photo dump?

Why are photo dumps trending on Instagram?

How to create a photo dump, people will want to review

23 photo dump caption ideas

What is a photo dump?

An Instagram photo dump is a collection of images and videos. random gathered together on a single carousel post. Unlike a classic carousel of carefully curated content (for example, this Met Gala post by Kylie Jenner), a photo breakdown post is intended to appear unedited, unedited, and unedited.

Photo dumps often contain a mix of “good” pictures, blurry selfies, candid photos, silly shots, and maybe a meme or two. Here’s a nice example of a photo breakdown post shared by Olivia Rodrigo:

Typically, these posts will contain 4 or more individual photos or videos (the more the better – it’s called junk, not junk).

The photo dump is vaguely reminiscent of Facebook albums at their peak in the early 2010s. It stands in contrast to the heavily edited single photo posts that Instagram is known for. It’s a phenomenon that rejects perfection and takes the pressure off of submitting (or at least it should be—no one can tell you how much time you really spent on your photo dump).

Like many of history’s greatest achievements, the rise of the photo junk has been led by young women. Youtube star Emma Chamberlain is known for her photo dumps, which range from a seemingly random collection of pictures to getting a close look at what looks like a painful eye infection.

Photo dumps aren’t pretty – and that’s the point. Instagram has been criticized as a medium full of people pretending to be more flamboyant and put together than they really are, which isn’t true. And besides being perceived as better on a moral level, authenticity is what sells. Brands want to partner with influencers who look like real people, not one-dimensional internet personalities.

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On top of that, photo dumps – or more generally, carousel posts in general – are good for earning points in Instagram’s algorithm. In Moyens I/O, we’ve seen bounced posts get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts. Users spend more time looking at carousel posts, which favors them in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm.

In other words, in addition to being a quieter way to post, photo dumps look more realistic, are preferred by the algorithm, and increase your chances of getting brand deals.

Bella Hadid also throws garbage all over the gram. Among her goddess-like supermodel shots are also blurry carousel posts of melting ice cream:

Influential celebrities with millions of followers have embraced the trend, so it’s natural for others to do the same (but it’s worth noting that adult adults with little social media experience have been posting bad photos online for years and never get credit).

This raises an important point: the photo dumps seem to have been thrown together, but building them has become a bit of an art. Is there a difference between photos of Emma Chamberlain’s eye infection and your aunt posting every photo from her 2014 family vacation on Facebook?

Yes, yes there is.

How to create a photo dump, people will want to review

Okay, so you’re looking for something between “supermodel photoshoot” and “your aunt’s Disneyland album”. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Choose the right photo and video mix

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, and your cover photo is the first and most visible in your photo breakdown.

The first photo you choose should be interesting; It should encourage the viewer to scroll. There are two ways for this.

First, you can make the first picture a perfect perfect picture that looks like a classic polished Instagram photo. A high-quality, eye-catching photo will get your followers to scroll so they can see the rest of your collection. If you’re Conan Gray, it might include a grumpy typewriter, cute cat, and peeled blueberries:

Method two: Make the first image something random or weird enough to make it intriguing. Choose something completely different from traditional Instagram photos—something that will make the serial sliders say: Wait a second what was that?

Once you’ve chosen your first photo, go hard on the variety. Photo dumps can contain good photos, bad photos, blurry photos, candid photos, screenshots of Tweets, memes you made while you were half asleep, old school pictures, concert videos. Really, the sky (er and your camera roll) is the limit.

If you’re a brand that publishes a photo dump as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll also need plenty of variety. This can include ultra-beautiful lifestyle photos of your products, behind-the-scenes videos, inspiring content that will resonate with your followers, or even content entirely created by your followers.

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This entire photo dump from Crocs is UGC (user generated content). It’s not very polished but gives off a super authentic vibe.

This photo dump from Netflix has a less curated feel – it’s a mix of behind-the-scenes photos, Polaroids, and selfies, but it’s all centered around a specific theme. Players raise two fingers to indicate that the so-called Heartstopper has been renewed for two seasons.

In general, photo dumps are an opportunity to drool a bit and are less valuable about your content in general. It’s time to embrace the flaws.

Step 2: Write an engaging title

As Aristotle once said, “Damn, subtitles are hard.” Despite the who cares attitude (real or artificial), adding captions to a photo dump is no easier than adding captions to any other post. We have some caption ideas later in this blog post, but overall you’ll want to keep it short and nonsensical. An emoji or two never hurt anyone.

Photo dumps are not usually accompanied by heartfelt paragraphs of text – it goes against the spirit of the dump. Take a deep breath. Write a few words. Do.

Step 3: Plan your photo breakdown

Tools like Moyens I/O’s Planner can help you both plan your carousel shipments and tell you the best time to plan. You’ll want to achieve success by posting your photo dump at a time that has statistically proven to be a good time to post it (while your followers are awake, online, and craving a double-tap).

Learn more about how to schedule Instagram photo dumps with Moyens I/O:

23 photo dump caption ideas

As we mentioned above, photo transcript captions aren’t all that different from Instagram captions on non-casts (and on that note, there are 264 captions for every occasion).

Being concise is the key to maintaining a cool photo dump personality. And the simpler it is, the better – many photo breakdowns are captioned with the exact time or place where the photos take place, with a few emojis and even scrolling instructions. To inspire you, we’ll start with:

Captions about time or place for photo transcripts

  • Today
  • about last night
  • 2022 so far
  • decline
  • holiday mood
  • Weekend
  • Vegas (or where all photos were taken)
  • January (or month when all photos were taken)
  • Tuesday (or whatever day all photos were taken)

Photo dump captions using emojis

  • 📷💩
  • Thursday
  • summer ☀️
  • February ✓
  • Any collection of emojis symbolizing photos

Short and sweet photo dump captions

  • photo dump
  • from a roll of film
  • A few favorites
  • random photos

Photo dump captions that encourage scrolling

  • swipe fast
  • swipe for [insert description of the last photo here]
  • Swipe ➡️
  • wait for it
  • Swipe for surprise

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