What is Hinge Daily Likes Limit?

In the sea of ​​dating apps out there, Hinge definitely stands out. At its core, Hinge is an application used to facilitate connections. This is evident from Hinge’s slogan, “Hinge is designed to be deleted”. The bottom line with Hinge is to use the old-school way of being introduced to a potential other through mutual friends. However, the app doesn’t use the “swipe” method like most dating apps. The essence here is “likes”, if there are limits.

What’s this?

Before dating apps, social media, and instant messaging became popular, people didn’t meet their matches online. Some people find their significant other at parties, social gatherings and concerts, while others are introduced to their matches through mutual friends. That’s exactly the essence of Hinge – bringing the old-school mutual friend connection to the online world of dating apps.

As mentioned, Hinge is a dating app based on the idea of ​​finding a match through mutual friends. Of course, which social media platform can be used better than Facebook? Once the app connects to your Facebook (requires permission), it works by connecting you to your friends’ friends’ Facebook profiles. The whole idea originated from Facebook’s option to view mutual friends.

But how does the Hinge work, definitely?


How does it work?

First of all, is Hinge free? Well, in that respect, Hinge is pretty similar to other dating apps. Most dating apps come with basic versions that are completely free and the same goes for Hinge. The free version allows a certain number of actions that can be increased with the paid version.

However, what sets Hinge apart from its peers is your typical dating app’s lack of “swipe.” Hinge relies on “likes” rather than deleting someone you don’t care about and someone you like.

So how do “likes” work? In fact, you are presented with profiles of other users called “stories” on Hinge. You scroll through a user’s story and have the opportunity to both like and comment on their photo or some of their profile responses (users are asked specific questions when creating their profile). As soon as you like something in someone else’s story, that person will be notified and have the option to reply. Likewise, it works vice versa.

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So, Are “Likes” Free?

Not exactly. You can enjoy up to ten stories per day with the basic, free version of Hinge. This may not seem like much, but it’s usually sufficient, at least for the majority of Hinge users. But even to like ten users a day there is a requirement, and for good reason. To get any “likes” your profile needs to be completed. A profile with at least six photos on it is considered complete on Hinge.

So what’s the big idea with this completed profile condition? The general idea with Hinge is to be a “relationship app” rather than just your “dating app” in a sea of ​​other dating apps. To achieve this, Hinge forces you to create a more transparent and well-rounded profile – one that will remove all barriers of awkwardness and ambiguity before starting a potential match.

So, what is the daily “likes” limit on Hinge? Ten per day with the basic profile. If you choose “Preferred Membership”, which is essentially a paid subscription, you will receive an unlimited number of “likes”.

Before the match

An unlimited number of “likes” may seem like a solid incentive, but in reality, people can handle ten “likes” a day – after all, there are loads of other dating and social media apps to waste your time on. over. However, the main selling point when it comes to Preferred Membership on Hinge is that you can see everyone who loves you before you match them.

What does it mean? Essentially, you won’t have to blindly contact a potential match. At least based on your Hinge story, you will already know that the person is interested in you. This is the main reason why many choose Preferred Membership. Of course, the unlimited number of “likes” is also a great bonus.

Dating Coaches

Another thing you get with Preferred Membership is access to Hinge Experts, who are pretty much dating coaches. This means communicating with real-life people who will help you build a better Hinge story by advising you on which photos to use and how to answer questions asked on your profile. They can also help you with conversation starters, which often tend to be awkward.

However, Hinge Professionals can’t tell you what to do and how to act with your potential partner when you leave Hinge and go to the real world for your first date. That’s the point of Hinge, though – going old school and bringing outside online dating to the real world.

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hinge daily likes

More information

Each hinge story (profile) comes with specific information that can be found in a profile. It can help you determine how compatible you are with the person whose story you are looking at. This information includes age, gender, height, location, religion and ethnicity. But with Preferred Membership, you can use and view other filters ranging from policies and children to smoking, drug use and more.

Hinge and Appointment

As mentioned, Hinge is more than a dating app – it’s a matchmaking relationship app. That’s why the essence behind it is summed up in “likes” rather than “slaps” – a much deeper and more meaningful way to connect with someone romantically.

Have you ever used Hinge? Did you find a match? Do you have a good story to tell? Check out the comments section below and feel free to join the discussion.