What Does User Deleted on Bumble Mean?

What does Deleted User on Bumble mean? How does Bumble work for men? Can I change my location in the app? Why are my images moderated? These are just a few of the many questions we get every day on dating apps. Fortunately, we have a lot of information and we will answer these questions and others in this article.

Bumble is a dating app with a similar design to Tinder, Hinge, and others, and with a slightly different focus. A female-centric dating app invented by a former female Tinder admin. The idea is to keep the best features traditional dating apps have to offer while eliminating the worst fallouts. Bumble strives to improve the user experience for female users. Any woman with online dating experience can confirm spam and inappropriate messages sent by some male users.

Bumble is unique because the woman needs to start the conversation. Many guys enjoy this feature because the awkward “Heys” or “How are you today?” When a woman starts a conversation, it not only gets her under control, it also helps men who are nervous about rejection.

What Does a Deleted User Mean on Bumble?

If you have a match and have a day open the app to see the Deleted User in an ongoing conversation, this means that the person you are chatting with has deleted their Bumble account.. You can see the conversation, but you cannot continue communication. If you are having an engaging conversation with the deleted user, fear not.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Not Matching With You Or Has Deleted Their Account?

No, you will not receive a message that a person has decided to remove themselves from the dating platform. You may see a “deleted user” in your messages, but they will not have a profile picture and you can no longer message them.

Probably nothing personal, dating app fatigue is common and this is the result. If the person decides to unmatch with you, you will never see the conversation you had, so a “deleted user” means their profile is no longer active. They probably decided to quit Bumble for a while.

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Alternative to Deleting a Bumble Account

If you’re here because you’re considering deleting your Bumble account, consider “Snooze Mode” first. Unless you’re a pervert who can’t find true love or get rid of the app, Bumble’s new feature lets you take a break from the app while letting others know that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Snooze mode gives you the option to pause for 24 hours, a week, or indefinitely. Depending on why you want to stop using the app, this is a nice way to have some peace and quiet and let others know you’re not gone forever.

How does Bumble work for men?

Bumble only allows female users to start chats. As a man this can be a good thing or a bad thing, but either way, the app has 75 million registered users as of November 2019. There are a large number of people using the app, so there is a lot of potential for both men and women alike.

Chat initiation not only improves the quality of profiles on Bumble, but also increases the likelihood of more meaningful interactions. A man on Bumble is probably someone who doesn’t mind that a woman, who by today’s standards is mostly women, takes responsibility once in a while. For those who have trouble taking the first step, this is the perfect solution for finding fun new people to talk to.

A guy can start the conversation if he’s in BFF mode or Bizz mode. These two mods use the same profile you use for Dating mode, but BFF mode pairs you up with other guys just for hanging out. New to the area? Definitely try this to make new boyfriends. Who knows, they may become friends with your true love.

Can I Change My Location in the App?

If you move home or work elsewhere for a while, the location will automatically change in Bumble. It uses your phone’s location to keep you aligned wherever you are at the time. If you change location, it may take a few hours to catch up, but it will.

Bumble doesn’t have a location swapping feature like Tinder does, so you’re out of luck there either.

Why are my images moderated?

Another way Bumble tries to elevate itself above other dating apps is by having higher standards for images. If your main image does not have a full face shot, you will be moderated. If any of your images show nudity or any type of sex or pornographic content, you will be moderated.

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Other things to manage your images include images with text, images of celebrities or copyrighted images, underwear or anything inappropriate.

What Is Verification and Should I Use It?

Another common problem with dating apps is not using real images or using someone else’s images. Whether the person is married and wants to hide, very shy, fishing or something else, this is a real problem in dating apps. Bumble wants to solve this problem by offering a verification service.

They will send you an image of someone in a specific pose. To pass, you need to copy that pose exactly. A moderator will then check the image and verify that your profile pictures are yours.

Should you use validation? Yes, you absolutely should. Any extra peace of mind you can offer a potential match will help.

Can I extend a match on Bumble?

Matches are 24 hours and the lady must start the conversation within this time, otherwise the match will time out and be reset. Free users can extend a match once a day, while premium users can extend as many matches as they want. You should see an extension option on your Matches screen where you see the countdown clock.

To extend your time with another user, you can:

  1. Tap the match
  2. Tap ‘Extend Daily’ for free users or ‘Extend’ for those paying for the service

This may or may not increase your chances of getting a message, but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re really interested in someone.