What Does Baby Face Mean in SnapChat?

If you’re new to the Snapchat app, you might be wondering what all these icons next to your friend’s name mean. In fact, if you’re really new, you might be seeing a lot of baby-faced icons populating that friend list. What does this icon mean? Are these friends new to Snapchat too? Haven’t they sent any snaps yet? Is that why Snapchat makes them look like babies?

Snapchat Baby Face

Actually, the meaning of a baby face is that these friends are new to you. Eventually, that baby face will be replaced by a heart, star, fireball, or something.

Remember that your Snapchat friends are people you follow, but they may not follow you back. If you want some of these baby-faced icons to start displaying your snaps, you need to pull all the stops.

How to Get More Snapchat Friends and Followers

Snapchat doesn’t make it easy to get yourself out. There is no way to hashtag a snap or share other people’s snaps with your friends. In short, there is no real way to increase your visibility. However, there are things you can do to try and attract more friends.

  • Have something worth seeing. Develop a style or theme that appeals to people. Be creative and have fun. And stay up to date with the latest in Snapchat tools and filters.
  • Promote your snapchat on other platforms (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). These platforms make it easy to increase visibility. Use them to show people your Snapchat chops and share your username or instant code so they can find you.
  • Follow others who match your style and interests. Unless they’re using a celebrity account, most people will be notified if you start following them. Think of it like following people on Twitter. These people will see you, check your profile, and possibly follow back.

How to Find Good People to Follow

Where can you find people worth following? For starters, there is no shortage of lists of famous accounts. However, if you’re looking for someone who might be a little less high-profile (people who can actually follow you), consider getting recommendations from friends or checking out forums on websites like Reddit. Finally, see if your favorite followers on Twitter and Instagram also have snapchat usernames. They’re probably looking for followers too.

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Understanding Snapchat Score

Don’t forget your Snapchat score. This score is based on the snaps you post, the snaps you view, and “other factors,” as Snapchat calls it. It is not clear whether having many followers affects this score. But having a high score is a clear indication that you are active on the platform, which is something that can attract followers.

Of course, people can only see your Snapchat score if they follow you and you follow along. It won’t help people find you, but it can help keep them interested. In the meantime, keep finding great people to follow and keep these baby-faced icons rolling.

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