Twitter: You can download up to 2 hours of video, hackers have fun

Elon Musk has never hidden his ambition since he took over Twitter. turn the social network into a video-focused platform. The billionaire rose at first The length limit of uploaded videos is 60 minutes. Note that this feature is only available to subscribers of Twitter Blue, the famous paid formula that allows you to get the precious blue pellet.

And on May 18, 2023, Elon Musk decided to go even further. In this official account, the bluebird boss confirmed that Twitter Blue subscribers can now: Upload videos up to 2 hours long and up to 8GB in weight. Note that the definition is limited to Full HD.

The duration of downloaded videos increases to 2 hours

This is a marked improvement over the 2.20 minute limit imposed on non-paying users of the social network. That’s why we double this maximum time for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Only and without great surprise, it will not be necessary to wait long, so that Proportion of internet users abuse this new feature. The idea here is precisely to highlight future glitches. Indeed, certified user @coinbilly_ decided to respond directly to Elon Musk’s tweet. The funniest and most impudent way.

cherry on cake The tweet containing the movie remained online for 1 hour 30. Moderation teams then (recently) took action in favor of this message, deleting the video: “This media has been disabled following a notice from the copyright holder”.

Attention This isn’t the first time we’ve found complete movies. illegally on Twitter. A few weeks after the takeover, many Internet users noticed that Twitter’s copyright system had been disabled. As a result, it became possible to watch the latest fashionable movies on the social network, for example Super Mario Bros or Avatar: the way of the water. Twitter Blue subscribers had to share movies in several chunks of no more than an hour. Now, thanks to Elon Musk, one tweet is enough.

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