Twitter will eventually add the ability to edit their tweets, but it’s not for everyone

Now that it’s official, it will be possible to change your tweets after they’ve been published. A feature that has been waiting for many years and is about to enter the testing phase… But it’s only a paid version of the social network for Twitter Blue users. At this time, it is unknown whether other members will also have access to the Edit button.

For a long time, this was an ongoing joke on Twitter. Almost every April 1, the social network, arrival of an Edit button, aware that the latter is regularly requested by the community. And for good reason: It’s particularly infuriating to notice a small typo in your text a few hours after it’s posted, without doing anything but deleting the tweet. Be that as it may, it’s an April 1 tradition: Twitter has announced that it’s once again working on a way to organize its tweets.

except this time this is not a joke. Today, Twitter officially confirmed that the ability to edit your tweets is on the horizon. After more than a year of work, the feature is about to be deployed in the testing phase. However, do not rejoice too quickly. Indeed, only Twitter Blue users, paid version of the social network may have access to it. At first the idea is to first of all check if the famous button is against the platform’s values.

Twitter will finally let you edit your tweets after years of waiting

Indeed, as Twitter product manager Jay Sullivan explains, the button “can be abused to alter the reality of public speaking”before adding this “Maintaining the integrity of this public speech is a top priority” from the social network. We do not yet know when it will be officially deployed.

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When Elon Musk became one of the majority shareholders of the company, many users had already smelled the arrival of the feature. Indeed, the billionaire argued many times: The edit button is absolutely necessary. It’s clear that Twitter isn’t waiting for the businessman to get down to business, though.

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