Twitter turns into a big mess with paid certificate, everyone laughs at Elon Musk

Don’t you understand anything about Twitter anymore? This is normal. The rise of Elon Musk to power has caused a major upheaval in the functioning of the social network, to say the least. If we can argue that the latter is far from perfect in several respects, the billionaire has undeniably wreaked havoc since its takeover. We are no longer close to a fiasco, but the biggest one is undoubtedly paid certification.

A quick reminder of the facts: Just hours after becoming Twitter’s new boss, Elon Musk announced that it will now require an $8 per month payment to display the famous blue dot alongside his nickname. acts on the official account of the person or organization concerned. Well… until now. Indeed, if anyone can pay for this verification, virtually anyone can impersonate someone else.

Twitter is sinking into chaos (but funny)

Without (any) surprise, users clearly had a blast when the feature became available. Since it only takes eight dollars to fake a large account, why not? That’s exactly what several pranksters were saying to each other. On a now-deleted account that mimicked Nintendo, we were able to see an image of Mario, let’s say, in a rough position.

We’ve also seen George W. Bush voicing his “nostalgia” for when he was still president.

The jokes of the genre multiplied in the hours leading up to the launch of a brand new product: the “verified” sticker, sold for… $8, of course. For this low, you can control pretty much anything and everything. Slim, right?

Others, again with dismay, discovered the equivalent of this new Twitter Blue formula. This is especially true for singer Doja Cat, who had fun changing her nickname to “Christmas” (English Christmas) before realizing she couldn’t change it anymore since she subscribed to the paid subscription.

It’s just as much disorganization that makes it possible to remember that this functionality may be more dangerous than one might think. Now everyone expects a massive advertiser exit from the platform.

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