Twitter: the social network has been interrupted again, it is impossible to tweet

“Well, Elon, we no longer pay the rent and now the waiters? » There is something funny about this joke made by a Down Detector user. Still, the situation is frustrating for many internet users. At the time of this writing, Twitter has been in a dry period for at least two hours: it’s impossible for thousands, perhaps more, of platform members to share anything.

For others, the problem is even more serious because they can’t send private messages to their contacts either. In short, around 11:30 this morning, the servers dropped visibly, which is making internet users very uncomfortable. I must say that just a few days ago, the social network took action before everything finally returned to normal.

Twitter outage is getting better, but it’s not over yet

According to figures gathered by Down Detector, it is mainly the mobile version of the app that is stuck with 57% of the reports. However, the website did not get rid of the reports by 37%. Note that the situation is gradually improving, as shown in the graph below. But the problem, whatever it is, is still far from being solved.

It also comes in a sensitive context for Twitter, which has struggled to reclaim its image since Elon Musk took over. While many are already looking for alternatives to the platform, it is unlikely that the latter will crash so regularly, holding them back. Therefore, let’s hope that the source of the phenomenon will be found soon and the social network will start working as usual.

twitter outage

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