Twitter outage: social network crashes worldwide, nothing goes right

Service tends to gradually return to normal. We don’t know the reason for this sudden outage of Twitter, which finally lasted a little over an hour. If you’re still having trouble connecting to the service or tweeting, wait a little longer or clear your browser cache.

around 18:30 social network Twitter is HS. It is impossible to connect to their account and many users are unable to tweet the slightest, even if the service appears from time to time. In the best case, an error message like the one below will appear.

We do not currently know the reason for this sudden failure, but it looks like it will be affected. large number of users worldwide. Big cities in France are affected if we believe the Downdetector. In the United States, a summit of problems is rising in the cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. In short, there is a good chance that the outage will affect a large number of servers worldwide.

Twitter outage

It should be noted that connection and tweet problems looks completely random. Located in the north of the Paris region, one of the members of the editorial staff manages to connect without any problems. On the other hand, connection problems in the east and west of Metropolis are also important. Sometimes it is the application that responds to the missing subscribers, and sometimes the website.

As usual, We will not hesitate to inform you sequence of events throughout the evening.

Twitter outage

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