Twitter: Hackers use paid certificates to hack users

We reported yesterday that Elon Musk has asked Twitter developers to add a new social network subscription. For 20 euros a month, the billionaire will allow anyone to get a certificate, i.e. having the famous blue badge next to their name. However, this announcement gave bad ideas to hackers who are already attacking users.

Indeed, TechCrunch has been spotted an ongoing phishing campaign where hackers use this ad to get all user account information. These promise that some Internet users can get the certificate for free by submitting their information, instead of having to pay 20 euros per month for the badge. This is clearly a fraudulent message.

Hackers hack Twitter accounts thanks to Elon Musk ads

An email sent from a Gmail account is linked to a Google document with another link to a Google site that allows hackers to host web content. Once on the web page that acts like a Twitter form, Users are prompted to enter their username, password, and phone number.

twitter phishing

This information everything hackers need to take control of accounts naive users who will be deceived by online fraud. Google would already take measures to prevent these emails from spreading on its site. A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch, “ We confirm that we have removed these links and accounts for violating our program guidelines. “.

A paid certificate can cause serious security issues

Verge report describing the arrival of the paid certificate, already certified users will have 90 days to subscribe otherwise they will lose their precious badges. Since that announcement, most certified people on the social network have been protesting that they will soon have to pay $240 a year for a feature that should be free.

Indeed, if some defend Elon Musk by saying that this is a feature that allows “premium” and “professional” use of the social network, others strongly condemn this future subscription. Indeed, many cannot find It’s not normal to have to pay for a feature that should guarantee user security.

The certificate badge, in addition to being a social token that has become important over the years, assures that a profile is indeed genuine and therefore not a fake account. Some Internet users who are already certified are already announcing that they will refuse to pay such an amount to protect their badge, and are wondering about the possible abuses this could cause.

Twitter certificate

Indeed, if a personality is no longer certified, other users can create fake accounts and masquerade as them more easily. Because leads to a significant increase in scams on the social networkAlthough Elon Musk has officially declared war on bots and fake accounts.

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We think that the most important companies will have no choice but to go to the vault to store their valuable badges, but many certified users they will still refuse to spend too much money on a small icon next to their name. Either way, Elon Musk adds that he will explain.” Consider in more detail before applying this precaution. It’s the only way to beat bots and trolls “.

Source : TechCrunch