Twitter exposes credentials against fake news by allowing AI-generated images to be reported

The Pope in a jacket, Emmanuel Macron in the middle of the demonstration, Donald Trump who was brutally arrested by the police… Since the beginning of the year, many images produced by artificial intelligence have been circulating extensively on the internet. While many are quickly unmasked by users and the media, others may be fooled and think that the event depicted actually happened.

Therefore, AI poses a great risk of misinformation, especially on Twitter, where it is shared very quickly. That’s why the social network has decided to implement a new feature that aims to protect its users against fake news. In a thread, the platform says some contributors will soon have access to a new community rating option under photos.

Twitter wants to warn against AI-generated images

This will be similar to the information control system already available in the social network. So the idea here is to apply it to images, but first of all, make sure that this note is present in all tweets that share them. So, if a user reports that an image is fake, the note will appear in another user’s tweet if the image exists.

In this way, Twitter certainly hopes to fight fake news more effectively…but also certainly hopes to attract the European Union’s favor. Note that the platform recently drew the wrath of the Commission by being pulled from the list of signatories of the European Law against disinformation. With this feature, Elon Musk’s firm was able to avoid a heavy sanction from the authorities, who already did not hesitate to talk about his pure and simple exile from the Old Continent.

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