Twitter: ElonJet banned but rising from the ashes as ElonJetNexDay

Jack Sweeney, the creator of the @ElonJet account on Twitter, was personally banned by the CEO of the platform a week ago, on the pretext that the published information endangered his life and that of his family. The young student has indeed found a way to dodge criticism. @ElonJetNexDay instead of following the routes of the planes of this world in near real time, it shows their location the day before. Still very informative.and no one can accuse him of revealing sensitive information anymore.

Jack Sweeney, just 20, rose to prominence in early 2022 after he created a bot that live-streamed the location of Elon Musk’s private jet on Twitter. The young man was a big fan of the businessman. When the Canadian latter contacted him to ask him to stop his actions, Me Sweeney had requested €45,000 compensation or in-kind payment in the form of an internship at SpaceX or You’re’s Model 3. Their changes had stopped there.

ElonJetNexDay gives the exact location of Elon Musk’s private plane from the previous day…

Elon Musk did not forget the persistent young man. Banned all his accounts for fake reasons. Although this exclusion Causes @ElonJet to lose over 500,000 followersIt didn’t take long for him to rise from the ashes as @ElonJetNexDay. Despite this, his bot @ElonJet has taken refuge on the emerging social network Mastodon, where it has already amassed more than 67,000 followers.

“Should I stay on Twitter?” couldn’t be clearer when asked directly to the community: 57% yes. Twitter members and partners of Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla will be grateful: the atmosphere on Twitter becomes unbreathable and Share prices of these companies are falling day by day.

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