Twitter: Elon Musk spooked 70,000 users to Mastodon

Now the whole world knows this: Elon Musk really bought the social network Twitter, which has more than 320 million users. for $44 billion. Although a billionaire, the entrepreneur quickly owes the enormous amount invested. And there is already a problem: While Me Musk has announced a series of unpleasant measures, especially the pricing of the Verified tag, more and more users are fleeing to a rival platform, Mastodon.

According to TechRadar, almost 70,000 users After several changes with Elon Musk in less than three days, Mastodon would join the ranks. The latter is a self-hosted, free, distributed and decentralized social networking and microblogging software. There are many differences between the two platforms. To start, Mastodon doesn’t do any sorting in the stream of its users: If you subscribe to the account of a personality or organization, you will see all their “teeth” displayed in chronological order.

Twitter now belongs to Elon Musk, Mastodon wants to be independent

Service does not decide for you what you like and dislike. Second and not least, Mastodon does not display ads and does not collect any personal data from its users. The decentralized aspect of the service means: no one can fully control it, Unlike what happens on Twitter.

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While many internet users have decided to turn their backs on Twitter, we can’t talk about bleeding yet For Elon Musk’s social network. Too many personalities have built their reputations and audiences through this service: They’re not really willing to give it up for a little thumbs up. Elon Musk’s words and ideas are extremely controversial. It will take very little time for users to migrate to other platforms. To retain his millions of users, the billionaire will have to act with tact and restraint, two qualities that never characterize him.

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