Twitter: Elon Musk remembers the current rules of the social network before it changed everything

As you may know, Elon Musk becomes Twitter’s new big boss About ten days. And much to say that this takeover is far from a calm happening, quite the opposite. Just arrived at the station Tesla executive fired from several senior social network executivesLike Parag Agrawal, the previous CEO of Blue Bird.

At the same time, Elon Musk announced the creation of a supervisory council. The workforce has also been stripped, as the new CEO fired about half of the employees. Some employees also decided to file a complaint for unfair dismissal… A few days later, Elon Musk made the weatherVan, realizing it was probably going a little too fast. Indeed, many employees put down this weekend have been recalled, with dozens of job offers posted in addition.

But above all, the famous paid certificate, which was applied by the billionaire for $ 8 a month, caused the most ink to flow. Indeed, this new verification system is problematic because it makes any user willing to pay this amount pretend to be anyone. Moreover, Several American comedians showed the limits of the process By changing their accounts to impersonate Elon Musk. As a result, they were immediately banned.

Elon Musk insists on remembering Twitter’s rules

Monday, November 7, 2022, possibly in one last attempt to calm things down, Elon Musk posted a tweet that led to the current Twitter rules. It’s fun, especially when you know that he’s planning to profoundly change them in the coming weeks. “Twitter rules will evolve over time, but in the meantime, here they are” He is writing.

Remembering Twitter rules”Aim to ensure that everyone can freely and safely participate in public speaking”. The security section is exactly the thickest The detailed location of Twitter relates to:

  • violence
  • Terrorism/Extremism
  • sexual exploitation of children
  • Inappropriate behavior/harassment
  • hateful behavior
  • perpetrators of violent attacks
  • suicide and self-destructive behavior
  • sensitive media, including exploitative violence and adult content
  • illegal and regulated goods and services

In addition, Twitter also states that posting or posting other people’s personal and private information without their authorization, as well as posting candid photos and videos without consent, is prohibited. For now, It is unknown what changes will be made to these Terms of Use.

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