Twitter: Elon Musk no longer wants to charge you for editing your tweets

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, things have changed so fast on the social network. From one day to the next, what is free becomes paid and vice versa. Today we learned that the tweet replacement function, which costs $4.99, may be free. It would be the least we could do after the announcement of creation. monthly subscription of 8 €, which will allow you to obtain the valuable certificate without any other form of verification.

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Twitter is considering changing tweets, according to well-informed sources. Whereas this feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribersIt’s about liberating. Note that the Twitter Blue formula is currently only available to Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, and American Internet users, although paying. While Elon Musk is negotiating the final subscription price directly with Stephen King, the ability to edit tweets for free may only be good news.

Tweet editing only available to paying Twitter Blue subscribers

We’re still waiting for “Chief Twit” to confirm this decision, but he also has a lot on his mind. The changes made in a few days on the platform are many. However, it shouldn’t take long to decide, as it’s probably the most requested feature by users. Among other more or less confirmed changes, it should be noted that Elon Musk wants to claim Verified status for the modest €8 per month. Platform users will be able to thank Stephen King, the king of fantasy novels, for which the potential price of the subscription has skyrocketed. 40% down.

There is also talk of creating an annual paid subscription to Twitter Blue. Not all is black in the land of Twittos, as Mr Musk wants to show fewer ads on users’ threads. In any case, he will need to find the right balance and the right price. Users hate these last-minute decisions and other sudden changes: Rumor has it that more and more tweeters are fleeing to rival platform Mastodon.

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