Twitter: Elon Musk breaks copyright system, all movies are put on the platform

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter caused an unprecedented earthquake in the social network. The billionaire has laid off so many employees that many believe the platform’s final days have arrived. This leads to new problems, like the bankruptcy of the automated copyright protection system.

This weekend, many users were able to see Twitter’s bankruptcy. by posting all the movies on the network. Fast and Furious, Avatar, Hackers or Need for Speed ​​were all free to view by users.

Many movies posted illegally on Twitter

It is impossible to post a two-hour video on the network. Users then came up with a trick: split movies into two-minute videos. By putting them end-to-end (called threads), this makes it possible to have a full-length feature film. Of course, no one enjoys watching movies under these conditions. The purpose is not to entertain, To show how fragile Twitter has seemed lately.

The fact is that the copyright protection system is automatically managed by Twitter. It looks like the platform will be run in “zombie mode”, with takeoffs falling apart over the past weekend, revealing more and more obvious flaws.

As I write these lines, All offensive tweets have been deleted. However, these movies remained online for quite some time (more than 24 hours), which indicates some level of instability in the system. If Friday causes panic among users who see the end of the social network, Musk has no intention of letting his $44 billion baby sink. Strong decisions were made over the weekend, such as reinstating the accounts of Donald Trump or Kanye West, both of whom were banned for life. But the future is very uncertain for the bluebird for now.

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