Twitter: Elon Musk asks employees to stick to a ‘hard’ corporate culture or walk out the door

Elon Musk doesn’t hide it: he’s a workaholic. No wonder you see the number of currently thriving startups he has created: Tesla, SpaceX or The Boring Company. He attributes the success of the latter to an ethic of loyalty to the company and strict respect for the hierarchical order. As we know, the American-South African businessman has just bought Twitter and we can at least say: His debut as CEO was eventful.

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In an email sent yesterday, Mr. Musk is giving an ultimatum to employees who have not yet been fired in Twitter’s first big wave of layoffs: They undertake not to count their hours and to work “too hard”. or they hold the door. Those who leave the job will receive three months’ salary as severance pay. Employees only have a few hours to respond (verified with a simple click on the form in the email). Engineers who choose to stay will have to put themselves in “commando” mode. The coming weeks are likely to be really busy.

Twitter employees are required to work 40 hours or more per week in offices

However, not all attempts by Elon Musk are successful. The general consensus was that the new version of Twitter Blue, which, in addition to other premium features, offers a “Verified” tag for a subscription payment of € 7.99, was a real failure. The offer made an event. proliferation of fake parody accounts and it was pulled two days after its launch. Twitter Blue version 3 will be distributed starting November 29, 2022.

In addition to submitting to strict work discipline, Twitter engineers should abandon the idea of ​​working remotely. They will now spend at least 40 hours a week in their Twitter office. Elon Musk explains the rationale for this brutal policy: “It’s the hard-working people working in the field that make SpaceX and Tesla successful.”

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