Twitter: Data of 5.4 million members leaked on a hacker site

At the beginning of 2022, a flaw in the Twitter API had allowed hackers to recover the data of 5.4 million members of the social network. These consisted of Twitter IDs, names and nicknames, and other user states. While most of this information is publicly available, others such as email addresses and phone numbers are not intended to be disclosed.

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Such information is worth a small fortune, hackers rushed to put them up for sale For a modest sum of $30,000. However, doubts remained regarding the use of this small war chest. Twitter has had so many adventures since the beginning of the year that its CEO, Elon Musk, has raised the possibility of driving the company into bankruptcy. Indeed, enough to forget about this data leak. Twitter members now have a very good reason to be concerned about their security: their personal data was shared on a hacker site, according to Bleeping Computer. According to the site’s source, only a limited group of hackers could access all this data.

Twitter leaks data from over 7 million accounts, beware of phishing

The initial data leak also included private information. 1.4 million suspended accounts by the platform. The party probably has data from Donald Trump, which has since been reinstated on the platform. According to experts, many more accounts would be exposed due to this flaw. The number of potential victims of this mass hacking could reach 17 million.

Ironically, experts are reporting the security breach affecting Elon Musk’s social network on Mastodon, the social network that is gaining more and more members thanks to Twitter’s backlash. One of them, Chad Loder, shared a sample of the data leaked to the internet. Lots of information available for running phishing campaigns or worse, it can be used to discover the real identity behind certain accounts.

Source : Sleep Computer

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