Twitch takes new steps to better protect minors from sexual abusers

Remember, in September 2022, Bloomberg published illuminating research on the subject. few cases of abuse of minors Twitch. In response, the Amazon-owned streaming platform published a blog post detailing it. various protection measures introduced by the service.

However, this article has just been updated. twitch details new ways to protect the little ones on the platform from groomingor provocation of the youngest for sexual purposes in Molière’s language (a phenomenon also called pedotrapping).

These predators are not welcome and will not be tolerated by Twitch, and today we are sharing an update on the ongoing work we are doing to combat them.” Twitch wrote in its official post.

  • Introducing mandatory phone verification To prevent users under the age of 13 who create accounts with false information about their age from broadcasting live
  • Moderation technology, Twitch teams Prioritize all reported cases involving minors under 13

In addition, the platform “They are tools by which we proactively monitor predatory behavior and trends”. To achieve this, the default Whispers direct messaging privacy settings have been updated. From now on, Certain terms or phrases are automatically blocked from searching for content on Twitch.

Finally, the company claims to have completed its acquisition of Spirit AIis an industry leader in artificial intelligence for language processing. Twitch through this purchase, “More nuanced classifiers to detect any bias in text typed on Twitch”. As a reminder, the government recently announced a roundtable meeting with Twitch to end sexual harassment on the platform.

Source : Twitch

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