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No matter how prevalent you are on social media, you will often see posters using left and right hashtags. A hashtag is a linked group of everyone using that particular keyword. These groups started on Twitter but have since moved to almost every social media platform. So much so that even professionals on LinkedIn use them.

Hashtags are a great way to trend your content. It’s important to tag all your posts with relevant ones. For example, when sharing your cryptocurrency-related article, you will want “#blockchain”, “#cryptocurrency” and “#cryptonenews” for starters. That way, users who follow that hashtag will have access to your content and therefore your profile.

How to Use LinkedIn Hashtags

First of all, it is very important to establish your niche. This way, you can decide which hashtags are most effective for growing your brand. Do some searching on related hashtags and see which ones have content similar to yours.

Once you’ve created some, use these hashtags in your status updates, bio, and comments on other people’s posts. But be careful with your use. Do not overload hashtags. Not only will this look like spam, but users will be turned away from your content. A good balance is between 3-5 hashtags per post. Finally, be sure to separate your hashtags from your text content. Leave a line or two blank between hashtags and text for a more visually pleasing post.

It’s about time!

Some LinkedIn authorized users may embed their hashtags in comments for a cleaner look. This is also an excellent way to start a conversation and engage with more users.

Choosing Among Appropriate Hashtags

When searching for different hashtags, it’s important to choose the more “professional” ones. This isn’t Instagram. Don’t use overly long or silly hashtags like “#omggoals” or “#linkedin Famous”. Use shorter and more useful tags instead, such as “#networking”, “#womeninbusiness” or “#smallbusiness”.

If you have some influence, it’s a good idea to create your own hashtag. This not only builds your brand better, it also connects users back to you every time. Otherwise, don’t be overly niche with your hashtags. One or two is fine that is focused, but you want a label with tons of people looking for it.

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Keep a list of the hashtags you use most often. It’s very important to keep sharing the same posts so people get used to seeing you there. You will create an image in their brain that will eventually get others to engage with you and your content.

Top Business Hashtags

Of course, you will create some niche hashtags for your business type. However, there are some proven ones that you’ll want to sprinkle with your particular ones. Some of these hashtags are categorized by day, while others are broader. Here are some of the best examples:

MarketingMonday: Share a marketing tip or talk about a recent success story where you caught a new customer.
Tech Tuesday: Post one of your recent innovations or talk about an app you’ve used recently.
WayBackWednesday: Upload a photo of when you first started your business or perhaps your first contact with a client you love.
ThankfulThursday: Tag someone you are grateful for. Talk about what this friend has done for you lately and how they have contributed to the world.
FeatureFriday: Share content written by someone else. Maybe one of your loyal followers or good friends. Others will always appreciate that you promote their work.
EntrepreneurLife: Dedicate this tag to a story about your work life. Talk about one of your great moments of success.
Social media marketing: Have you had a success story on social media recently? Maybe a viral post or tweet? Talk about what happened and how you did it. Others will be very grateful for this information.
Small business: Are you still growing your brand? Share some helpful information you came across or a recent success story.
Happiness: A simple but effective one. Tag an article that shares a good insight. Post a feel-good story that recently happened to you or a friend. People want to feel good. Help them make it happen.
Working at home: Are you working from where you live? If so, share some tips to keep you focused and organized. Other employees will appreciate the help.

While these are some concrete examples, be sure to do some research on the tags that are most relevant to your brand. Use the above for inspiration and do your best to own these hashtags! Both your brand and your followers will thank you for it.

Let us know your favorite LinkedIn hashtags in the comments below!

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