TikTok: You can now earn money by spending lots of time on the app

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We can’t stop TikTok and its obsession with launching new apps. Yesterday, the social network officially announced the launch of a new platform called Notes, dedicated entirely to photography. However, the company hid from us the distribution of another service already available in France without communicating about it. Name: TikTok Lite. Purpose: To enable you to earn money just by watching videos.

This new app appeared only on Android smartphones in France and Spain at the end of March. How it works couldn’t be clearer: The more you interact with the app and videos, the more you’ll be rewarded. So just by creating an account you earn 300 virtual coins. Follow three different creators and win 150 virtual coins.

TikTok now pays its most loyal users

There are other ways to earn even more virtual money. You can earn 4500 by connecting for 10 days in a row, and 4200 by watching a 25-minute video. In addition, the application allows its users to fill their wallets a little more by regularly sending challenges via notifications. These virtual coins can then be converted into gift certificates, which are currently only valid on Amazon.

You will need to earn 10,000 virtual coins to get a 1 euro gift certificate. However, please note that the user must be of legal age and have a bank account. Note that virtual coins can also allow you to send virtual gifts to your favorite creators, which can get you paid. The fact that TikTok is still testing this new formula explains why the company has not yet communicated about this application. The goal is clear: to attract more users to the platform.

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