TikTok will let moviegoers tag movies and TV shows in their videos

It’s no secret to anyone anymore: TikTok plans to one day replace YouTube. For this reason, the application is constantly renewed with many new features inspired by its older sister, sometimes even giving up the original identity. But TikTok doesn’t intend to stop there and is now targeting the growing number of moviegoers and other series fans on its platform.

Various types of content really engage with this universe, whether it’s analysis or fairly simple montages that pay homage to the creators’ favorite works. Problem: These videos are regularly bombarded with comments asking the author to name such a movie or such a series. For this reason, TikTok is preparing to make their lives much easier.

TikTok lets you directly specify the name of movies and series in videos

Indeed, starting today, US and UK users will have access to a new option when streaming their videos. This allows you to tag the movie or series that appears in the latter. The name will then appear in the video, giving viewers the option to click. Once done, they will be able to access a lot of information about the job in question.

To develop this feature, TikTok has signed a partnership with IMDb to provide access to its database. Thus, users who click on the name of the movie or series, the actors there, the person who made the work, the rating given by the users, etc. can view. Finally, TikTok will present other videos with the tag of the specified work in a special tab. It is not yet known when this feature will be available in France.

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