TikTok will launch Tako, its own ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence

TikTok is currently testing a new AI like ChatGPT app and help users discover and search content. The experience is similar to Snap’s, which launched its ChatGPT-powered “Artificial Intelligence” bot last month.

The robot is called “Tako” and it has been launched by several users in the Philippines. for testing purposes. Although we tried to access artificial intelligence, we couldn’t find an account to try. The number of users selected by TikTok should therefore be quite limited.

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What will Tako, the artificial intelligence of TIkTok, be used for?

Tako needs to talk to TikTok users while helping them discover more content. Videos and screenshots taken by Watchful.ai show Tako in TikTok’s main video interface, with a ghost-shaped icon on the right side of the screen above the user’s profile picture.

Clicking it will display a warning stating this. The feature is experimental and should not be “used” for medical, legal or financial advice. Careful analysts who successfully spotted the chatbot said the feature could suggest videos or creators based on what the user is currently watching.

Like ChatGPT, the user can formulate queries in natural language or discover new content by asking for recommendations. For example, while watching a video about King Charles’ coronation, Tako said: What is the significance of King Charles III’s coronation? “. It is also possible simply Ask Tako to recommend videos on a specific topicr, for example, funny videos about pets.

Being at the forefront of innovation is key to building the TikTok experience, and we’re always discovering new technologies that add value to our community. “TikTok told TechCrunch.” We’re experimenting with new ways to search and discover on TikTok in specific markets, and look forward to learning from our community as we continue to create a safe place that entertains, inspires creativity and supports culture. Anyway, we don’t think this new AI will help TikTok’s business in the US, as the app is already banned in one state.

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