TikTok will allow 15-minute videos, YouTube is really worried about this

We first encountered 3-minute videos. Later the limit was increased to 10 minutes. The days when TikTok, then called Musical.ly, only allowed 15-second videos on its platform seem far away. Especially since the Chinese social network is preparing to take it a little further. In some countries, creators can now post videos that last up to a year. 15 minutes. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the new product becomes widespread worldwide.

However, in its early days in the West, it was precisely the one-minute limit that quickly attracted millions, then billions, of users. Some also saw it as a definitive return to the Vine format, which disappeared as soon as it was introduced and imposed a 6-second limit on its users’ videos. The announcement of the 3-minute videos created controversy, with some fearing the app would lose its essence.

TikTok is becoming increasingly popular on YouTube

But two years later, it’s clear that TikTok is still here and stronger than ever. Users have become accustomed to longer formats, sometimes to the point of transforming long-established uses on the Internet. Many explain that the social network has now replaced Google, especially in web searches.

This new increase in the maximum duration of videos is just the logical continuation of a strategy that TikTok has barely hidden: Get market share from YouTube. By allowing longer videos, the platform opens the door to other formats for creators who until now have been “forced” to stay on YouTube to post the content they want.

If YouTube has no reason to be openly embarrassed by the success of Shorts, TikTok’s barely disguised in-house clone, it clearly has to be fearful of the site’s hitherto unassailable hegemony in the world of long-form videos. TikTok has not yet announced a global release date for its 15-minute videos.

Source : TechCrunch

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