TikTok: Why will some videos be paid?

According to a new report from The Information, TikTok is working on several new features to increase usage of its app and expand its legacy audience. According to media sources, TikTok is reportedly developing a paywall feature This is the content creators Do not charge users to access some of their videos.

While TikTok currently maintains its dominance on social networks, it’s ultimately not surprising to see the social network looking for new solutions, especially when it comes to total revenue generated within the app. Distribute all these profits with the most popular creators.

Tiktok is looking for new ways to reward its creators

In addition to its paywall, TikTok is reportedly working on Creator Fund 2.0, a new version of the original Creator Fund it launched in 2020. This initiative should be believed by the creators of 100,000+ followers, Sources of Knowledge. One person even told the media: The new fund could be launched in early March.

These features are intended encourage and expand the creator group, without which the TikTok platform could no longer compete with other social networks that have begun to change their offerings. Discord has even joined the race and now allows servers to monetize premium access and benefits via subscription.

It is not yet clear when these changes will be implemented, as they will likely be very important to us. Keep creators engaged over the next few months. We imagine the platform could initially change the rules for a small number of influencers before rolling out its new policy to all of the most popular creators. Meanwhile, TikTok is facing some controversies, including the escalation of the “scar struggle”, where the company doesn’t seem to want to take much action.

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