TikTok wants to block kids from accessing certain streams

In recent months, TikTok’s image has been tarnished by several controversies, particularly those linked to dangerous challenges or forcing them to take illegal actions. For example, we remember this challenge that invited users to steal objects from their school. This time it is much more serious, we learned that on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, two girls, aged 8 and 9, lost their lives while embarking on a dangerous struggle.

But in November 2021, TikTok announced that it is doing everything possible to strengthen the detection of these risky challenges… But obviously these efforts are not enough. However, according to images shared by research firm Watchful.ai, TikTok is currently testing a new feature. Limit access to live streams to adult users aged 18 and over.

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TikTok age limit

Tiktok wants to prevent children from accessing adult content

The social network has confirmed that this parameter is in the testing phase with several users. As several screenshots transferred by the app show, users Enable an “Adult themes” button to prevent minors from accessing their streams.

However, please note that this 18+ restriction does not represent a way for users to stream adult content. Instead, it’s a way for creators to prevent minors from coming across content that is not intended or of interest to adult audiences. A few months ago, he said he wanted to develop TikTok. A system for identifying and restricting access to certain types of content for young people.

We’ve heard directly from our creators that sometimes they only have a desire to reach a certain older audience. For example, they can create comedy with adult humor or give kids boring advice about the professional world. Or talk about very difficult life experiences”, Explains Tracy Elizabeth, head of policy for TikTok in the United States. “Given the diversity of topics covered, we are testing ways to empower creators to reach their specific content audience.” We do not currently know when this feature will be available in France.

Source : TechCrunch

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