TikTok spied on American journalists, nearly finished for service in the US

TikTok’s reputation was irreparably tarnished, even as the company rectified the situation and the criminals were fired. This latest incident justifies critics of the Chinese social network. His future on American soil hangs in the balance. As the saying goes, the confessed mistake is half forgiven. In the case of TikTok, ByteDance’s adoption probably won’t be enough To prevent the platform from being lost on American soil.

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For months, the service has been accused of thousands of evils. It does nothing to reassure the American and European authorities. TikTok is suspected of transferring the personal data of American and European users to China and only France. Arcom points to TikTok as it is not transparent to fake news.

Four TikTok employees exploit data from American journalists, this is an attack on press freedom

ByteDance claims that its two employees in the United States and two in Beijing had access to data from several American journalists from the Financial Times and Forbes last summer. They The goal was to identify the source of a data leak. confidential information by crossing the IP addresses of their targets with those of TikTok employees suspected of leaking the information.

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This could be the last overflow straw that broke the camel’s back in the USA. Republican Senator Marco Rubio sums up his mood quite well when he says ByteDance is “desperately trying to allay both parties’ concerns about how the Chinese Communist Party is allowing it to exploit US citizen data.” It’s getting clearer every day that we need to ban TikTok,” he said.

Source : forbes

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