TikTok: Senate launches an investigation to assess the dangers of its algorithm

Any TikTok user will tell you without hesitation: what makes up the power of the social network, unmatched precision of the algorithm. Each news feed is unique and, after just a few hours of scrolling, it perfectly matches the interests of the person holding the smartphone. Such power inevitably raises questions about the means employed to achieve this result. app originating in china missing since its inception.

While the United States has shown its distrust of the social network for some time, recently Europe has joined it, specifically banning its use by Commissioners. In France, the CNIL is also concerned with the use of the personal data of the users of the application, and the regulator is no longer alone. In the effect, Senate announces investigation he aimed to determine all the details of this famous algorithm.

Senate to review TikTok algorithm

Concretely, senators now have a duty to explore. “If these differences in processing have the purpose or effect of serving TikTok’s strategy of harming foreign users, the integrity or security of foreign states”. To do this, they will have to go to several expert hearings on the matter, the first of which Marc Faddoul had the opportunity to meet with investigators.

According to the algorithm expert artificial intelligence researcher, Beware of the methods used by TikTok. If American social networks are to be followed at this point, Marc Faddoul explains that The Chinese government certainly has an influence on the functioning of the app.. Second, to cite past examples of censorship, particularly regarding content related to the Tian’anmen Square Protests.

tick tock

That’s not the only gray area of ​​the algorithm that worries the expert. Indeed, he warned senators about the following principle: heating As a reminder, this is a process that allows TikTok employees to make any video go viral with just the click of a button. “We have no evidence that political messages were conveyed this way, but the functionality exists”Highlights Marc Faddoul.

France joins TikTok doubts

“We cannot say that TikTok is not a potential tool of disinformation or manipulation for the benefit of undemocratic regimes, or that it is safe to use in terms of necessary data protection”, So Senator Malhuret proclaimed.

TikTok now has no choice: the app will have to show itself to the authorities a little more if it wants to continue to thrive in France and more generally in the West. Therefore, the Chinese company took action.a European tour to reassure regulators. On Friday, March 10, Digital Transition Minister Jean-Noël Barrot met with TikTok Secretary General Erich Andersen.

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A meeting that ended with a big announcement for the social network that now claims to have found its way.n Partner responsible for ensuring compliance with European legislationin terms of data protection. The person who was able to speak to the spokesperson this Monday was Arcom’s president, Roch-Olivier Maistre. The countdown has begun.

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