TikTok now allows live streaming of adult content

TikTok is designed to adapt to the needs of its users and many discussions Indicates that the application created it. Lately, the social network seems to care about protecting its youngest users, who are especially numerous on the platform. Also, the latest update of TOS may seem surprising at first glance.

Indeed, the app’s Live tab gets more freedom as creators can now stream content considered adult. But we are still far from seeing naked people in practice, obscene content is still banned from the latter. On the other hand, users now have the ability to approach. more mature themes.

TikTok is now reserving their Lives for adult users

Thus, some difficult topics While it can be discussed live on the social network, more freedom of language being able to pronounce some vulgar words. Therefore, it is the creator’s responsibility to ensure that his audience is mature enough to watch such content. This is exactly why TikTok is making the second big change. From 23 November, At least 18 years old to start Live.

This restriction has been set at 16 to date and this has not caused many issues such as the following. psychological abuse of certain creators threats to schools by old viewers or users. TikTok about it coming soon block certain keywords In the comments of a Live.

Finally, note that the Chinese social network plans to block the youngest users from accessing certain streams, further strengthening the protection around difficult content. Final feature in development: will be available soon to invite other users to their Live streamthrough a screen grid system.

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