TikTok launches Content Levels to protect teens from 18+ content

As you know, TikTok has been trying to restore its image for the past few months. The fault of several dangerous struggles that resulted in tragedies for some. For example, we remember these two girls, ages 8 and 9, who lost their lives trying to reproduce a challenge on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

Shortly after this crash, a respected insider posted information about a new system being tested on TikTok. This was a function that limited minors’ access to adult content.

However, on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the app finally gave detailed information about this system. official blog post. baptized Content Levelswith this feature offer different levels of contentadapted to the age of the people.

TikTok launches Content Levels to protect kids from adult content

We are trying to implement a new system to organize the content according to thematic maturity. Many people are familiar with similar systems used in the film industry. television or video games. We create with these systems knowing that we need to develop a unique approach for TikTok.” announced the social network.

In the coming weeks, the app will therefore introduce the first version of Content Levels. prevent overtly adult-themed content from reaching minors under 18. In fact, when a video is dedicated to a mature theme or to an adult audience, the video will be assigned a “maturity” level (compare this, for example, with the PEGI system used in video games).

In the coming months, we plan to add new features to provide our entire community with detailed content filtering options so they can enjoy more of what they love.” She has secured TikTok on her official blog. As a reminder, TikTok has been in the sights of the United States since early July 2022 for a case of personal data theft.

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