TikTok integrates a new “borderline” content detection system

While TikTok’s fate in the United States is very uncertain, the social network wanted to start 2023 this year by giving an assessment of its respective policy. nudity, obscene or “borderline” content and thought provoking.

In 2022, the company developed machine learning models to improve the consistency and accuracy of detecting content that is obscene, obscene, and “borderline” or, in Molière’s language, borderline if you want it.

The goal is to identify videos that don’t violate the social network’s community guidelines, but that might be offensive or inappropriate for a younger audience. But TikTok has therefore announced that it is launching the next iteration of its content detection model.

TikTok develops content detection systems at the border

Thanks to the progress made, TikTok, a more convenient and comfortable experience for young account holders. The company also “blocked teen accounts from viewing over a million videos that were openly obscene” during the last 30 days.

In the same press release, TikTok announces partnership with StopNCII.org, a free online tool designed to support victims of the abuse of private images shared on the Internet without their consent. This cooperation will not only provide better support to victims, but also to automatically prevent content defined under this contract from being published on our platform.

Let’s finish with a section dedicated to creators. TikTok says it has audience controls to allow creators Limit access to their content on LIVE by 2022 to accounts over 18 years of age. However, this functionality will be deployed worldwide in the coming weeks. “Our goal has always been to ensure that our community, especially the young people on our platform, have a safe, positive and fun experience when they come to TikTok.” provides the application.

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