TikTok has found a way to keep you on its platform longer by copying YouTube

tiktok 60 min

Since its launch in 2016 with 15-second clips, tiktok has revolutionized the way we spend our time online. Its popularity spurred giants into action instagram And YouTube improve themselves short video formats To compete with the Chinese application and to attract users’ attention quickly. And this is despite the fact that some administrators believe that these short formats are ruining their platforms.

But TikTok isn’t just dominating the short format. The company gradually increased the maximum length of videos to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and currently allows some creators to post longer videos of up to 30 minutes. Now the platform wants: We offer even more flexibility. It will respond to requests for longer formats for cooking lessons, comedy skits, tutorials and more.

TikTok may soon offer 60-minute videos in landscape format

This move towards longer videos marks a real turning point for TikTok as it aims to attract YouTube-accustomed creators. By giving authority 60 minute videosThe company hopes that these creators will also publish their content on its platform to expand its audience.

TikTok is also testing Other features to improve viewing on the platform. Once again approaching YouTube landscape full screen mode And miniatures While scrolling the video. These innovations aim to make the platform more user-friendly and, above all, more comfortable for participating in events. longer content.

According to a recent study, the application where children and adolescents spend the most time is TikTok. This new feature could completely transform the platform if implemented widely. On the one hand, it will attract attention more users offering new opportunities to both creators and audiences, on the other hand, more diverse content and in depth for the younger audience who will no longer have to go to YouTube to watch long tutorials.

Source : technology crisis

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